Serie a real blue and black 4-1 abuse Lazio! 5 days the second 1.67 eukaryotic 2 goals

 Serie a real blue and black 4-1 abuse Lazio! 5 days the second 1.67 eukaryotic 2 goals

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0-1 u2192 4-2! Italy net red team crazy again 1.67 heterogeneous world wave + 2 gods assists

In the first half, Atalanta took the lead 3-0. The 10th minute, the captain Gomez left side forbidden area front right foot picks passes the back spot, the hartbor head ball swings back. Lazio defender Radus header turned into a backwarder, and gossens scored from close range.

In 32 minutes, Atlantis extended the lead to two goals. Gosens sent out a perfect cross from the left, and the unmarked hatball hit the goal with his right foot in the air. Between the two wing guards of Atlanta, a successful connection was completed.

At 41 minutes, Gomez rewrote the score to 3-0. Partridges header was not far away. Gomezs right side of the restricted area had the ball to cross asselby longitudinally, and then the right foot shot vigorously. The ball steadily penetrated into the far corner. After the goal, 1.67 meters Gomes danced near the corner flag. This 32 year old veteran, chatting about a bit of juvenile maniac.

Lazio recovered a goal in the 57th minute, mirinkovics 45 degree cross from the left, and keseido blocked the ball and then pushed the shot from close range.

But just four minutes later, Gomez scored twice. On the left side of the penalty area, Gomez left foot suddenly heavy artillery fire, the ball flew into the top right corner of the goal, the score was also locked to 4-1.

Gomes in this game left and right, and inspired the teams first goal, this season his first two rounds of the report card for 3 goals and 2 assists.

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