Burned by her ex husband, she died of severe burns

 Burned by her ex husband, she died of severe burns

Red Star News reported on October 1 that blue sky and white clouds, snow mountain grassland, gathering herbs and grazing Lam always updates his works to netizens on time, and shares his life in the mountains, as well as his emotions and sorrows, with the netizens outside the mountain through video and live broadcast. However, an accident happened. On the night of September 14 this year, ram was burned with gasoline by his ex husband when he was broadcast live at home. He was severely burned and in critical condition. After the family asked for help, the caring people donated one million medical expenses a day. However, it is a pity that ram died after 16 days of fighting against the disease.

On September 17, the Public Security Bureau of Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture reported that at about 20:50 on September 14, a certain villager in meiska village, Guanyinqiao Town, Jinchuan county was burned by his ex husband Tang at home. After receiving the alarm, Jinchuan County Public Security Bureau organized the police to carry out the investigation work. At present, the suspect has been controlled by the police. The case is under further investigation.

On September 25, rams sister Zhuoma said in an exclusive interview with Red Star News reporter that she was in a coma for two weeks. Her sister finally moved her eyes on September 24 and had a little consciousness. Everyone is waiting for her to get better!

However, it is a pity that after two weeks of treatment, Lam, the smiling girl, still failed to survive. At 11:16 p.m. today (September 30), a Red Star News reporter called rams sister Zhuoma. During the call, Zhuoma was in a low mood and confirmed that her sister ram died today.

In addition, the Red Star News reporter also verified the death of ram from the village branch secretary of the village where ram was located. Jiagan replied to the reporter that Lams death has been confirmed!

Red ram is still in coma after being burned by her ex husband, and her sisters recovery is too tragic! Wanghong was set on fire by her ex husband for 3 hours, and her whole body was burned 85%. Source: Red Star News Editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351