Interview with Du Feng: national team is the place to play with life

 Interview with Du Feng: national team is the place to play with life

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Interview with Du Feng (source: Netease sports)

Du Feng believes that the youth and diversity of the national training team also helps him to understand the way of thinking of young people and better understand modern basketball.

For his strict teaching style, he broke out a golden sentence, want to cultivate a towering tree, pruning process will certainly be painful, strict is love pine is harm.

The future national team, he believes that the players here are really willing to play with their lives, the goal of the Olympic Games is to play spirit.

Netease Sports: the list of 23 people in this training is mainly new people. When the list was first released, everyone was very surprised because the list was too young. What is the purpose of this short-term training?

Du Feng: first of all, the purpose of this short-term training is to better investigate and train a group of excellent and young reserve forces for Chinese basketball. It can also be seen from this concentration that it is the youngest national team training team in history, with an average age of less than 21 and 20.5 years old. In fact, it is better to let these young players understand the national team through this training.

Through the platform of national team, more professional basketball skills will be brought to more young players, including ideological and technical aspects, so that they can have some new understanding.

Netease Sports: who has left a deep impression on you? Why?

Du Feng: Although the concentration time is very short, only 20 days, but from this concentration, we can see some young players with great potential. It can be said that most of the young players have left a deep impression on me. Not only on the training ground, but also in their life, including in the learning process, including their willingness and thinking in the process of thinking, have left me a lot of deep impression.

Secondly, in this short concentration process, as for me, from these 17-8-year-old and 18-9-year-old young athletes, we can learn more about the young peoples current thinking mode and the cognition of basketball. From another angle, it can help me to improve the management, training and new of young athletes A kind of development direction.

Netease Sports: the source of this national team is very rich, there are clubs, colleges and universities, as well as those who play abroad. What is the purpose of this choice? Whats your opinion and expectation about the talent source of the national team in the future?

Du Feng: first of all, the selection of the national team is very extensive, from some members of various representatives. For example, international students from the United States, some college students in Colleges and universities, players who are about to enter or have entered the CBA arena, and the U17 and U18 of national youth who have not entered the CBA, including the existing players who have been training in CBA for one or two years. In fact, the better thing is to let all the diversified athletes come to the national team in this process, and better understand the athletes in different stages and fields, and their cognition and understanding of modern basketball.

Secondly, as the development of Chinese basketball, including the development of CBA, more and more outstanding talents of this kind of basketball may be needed. I think now these aspects are more to be used as the cradle of basketball talent training. It is also to give these players a hope and motivation in the process of studying abroad or studying in University, including playing basketball. I think these players are still excellent players with potential and talent, so this focus is also better to understand some sports in different states from these aspects Member.

Netease Sports: what are the principles and ways for you to bring young players?

Du Feng: the most important thing to bring young players is to communicate with them more, to understand their current understanding of basketball, rather than from your single point of view, to understand the views of young players on basketball. In fact, young players have more and more expansibility and space than before in terms of their way of thinking, their ability to accept new things, and their active thinking. Therefore, as a coach, to better explore their self creative ability and source power, and strive for guidance and help later, is actually very important. So for young players, coaches must be more attentive.

Secondly, on the training ground, I think it may be because after all, this is competitive sports. We should tell young players on the field that if you want to go further and fly higher, you must lay a more solid foundation. Training in this basic skill is very, very important. Secondly, there are some physical training to better protect them from some injuries and some injuries. So from my point of view, it is not only a unilateral technical or tactical guidance, but also some help in many aspects.

Netease Sports: as the head coach, fans can often hear your live command through live broadcast. You are also popular because of your rich body language and golden sentences. Will these bring you some extra pressure?

Du Feng: I dont think there is any extra pressure. As a coach, including athletes, there will always be such pressure. Because competitive sports you have to achieve a goal, early goals, to complete the task. In this process, the pressure is always there. So, from another point of view, its actually very gratifying and very happy.

I think its very happy and lucky to bring more fans some interesting points, some joy or some unknown stories on the basketball court through my coaching style. In fact, each coach has his own style and characteristics. If they are all in the same state, they may lose the enthusiasm and interest of the fans. Therefore, they hope to bring some wonderful games or happy things to more fans.

Netease Sports: in the club, your strict teaching style is impressive. So will your style continue to the national team?

Du Feng: as you know, most of the young players I bring to the club are young players. This year, most of the national teams are young players. I think a team and an army or a team have a lot in common. The character of its top commander with the team can be penetrated into his team through his training, including his life. Because if you want to know a young team, it may encounter a lot of difficulties and problems during its growth, including more pressure. As a coach, how to guide, how to give them more energy, is very critical and important. Therefore, as a coach, what kind of achievements you want to bring this team will inevitably bring more efforts and more attention, as well as more and more efforts and sweat.

What we do is in this process, reducing the number of young players who make the same mistakes and making more mistakes may require coaches to tell athletes more severely and directly. I have been saying that if you want to cultivate a towering tree, in the process of the trees growth, some other unnecessary branches and leaves will grow to the side. You may have to help it prune. The pruning process will certainly be painful. In fact, this process is also helping you to better work towards the goal and direction set before. I think its like the old saying strict teacher makes excellent apprentice. Strict is love, loose is harm. This is one direction of teaching that we have been talking about.

Netease Sports: club and national team coach two posts, how to give consideration to both sides of the work?

Du Feng: in fact, the work of both sides of the national team and the club can complement each other. Because we all know that the national team is a short concentration every summer. In this process, you are investigating the players. In this respect, we should observe it through League Videos and some competitions. We can conduct accurate data analysis on each player in the process while coaching the club,

Secondly, in this process, as a young coach, I can better improve the adaptability and ability of my coaching skills and tactics through the process of 50 or 60 matches in the whole league, so as to maintain the adaptability of the coach on the field.

Du Feng: first of all, I think the new national team needs more patriotism and dedication, and the common goal of unity and upward. I think this is very important. In fact, in recent years, the Chinese mens basketball team is becoming more and more difficult, but I think that our fighting spirit, our team cooperation can not be lost. I think the new national team should have a good promotion in terms of state of mind, and a good cohesion and unity, so as to improve the combat effectiveness.

Netease Sports: next years Olympic Games will be more difficult for the national team. What are our goals?

Du Feng: in fact, when the national team gathered this year, the Arab League also wrote a letter to the team. The letter mentioned the inheritance of our basketball players and his expectations for the new generation of young players. In fact, it also shared with you that the national team of mens basketball is a place of life and death. In fact, as the task of next year, it is actually the same state. Maybe the group we divided into is very strong. As for us, the first thing to do is how to face all the difficulties, how to play the spirit of our Chinese mens basketball team in the past, fight against each opponent, leave no retreat for ourselves, and dare to challenge the strong Such a spirit, to face the defeat next year.

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