Chelseas unexpected loan of Barkley! 20 people have been let out with a total value of 750 million pounds

 Chelseas unexpected loan of Barkley! 20 people have been let out with a total value of 750 million pounds

Buckley made 31 appearances for Chelsea last season, and his performance was not bad. Although his technique is not very delicate, he has great impact and strong fighting power on the field. He belongs to the kind of very strong player who dares to fight and has a good long-range shooting ability. Due to the fact that Chelsea have signed Hafez and zieh before, together with the teams existing jozhnio, Kovac and others, Lampard has a lot of options in midfield position, he thinks Barkley is no longer important.

Earlier this season, Buckley has lost his trust and made two appearances in the Premier League as a substitute. Buckley failed to play in the Carling Cup this week. Buckley, who joined Chelsea in January 2018 for a transfer fee of & pound; 15 million, made 86 appearances for the blues and scored 11 goals. So far, Barkley has made 33 appearances for England. After going to villa, Buckley will work with the legendary captain of Chelsea and villa assistant Terry.

There are many blue fans who question Lampards decision: Chelsea are a little bit out of the wind, Buckley can rent out. A deal that doesnt make sense. Without Barkley, the midfield of Chelsea cant be tough at all I dont think Lampard will make it to Christmas. As for his departure from the club on loan, Buckley was also happy: at Chelsea, I lost my place. Its very important for me to be a regular force.

For a long time, Chelsea have the code name of taxi. They rent a lot of players every season. According to the sun, Buckley is the 20th member of the club. In addition to Barkley, the more famous players currently on loan are bashuyai, kendini, ZapA Costa and others.

British media pointed out that the total value of the 20 players on loan is as high as 752 million pounds. Abramovich is really a big business. More importantly, Chelsea are likely to hire more players in the future. Cheick, Sal, ludig, Moses, Rahman Baba, derinkwater, Bakayoko and other players are likely to leave the team.

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