Li Genshan, a well-known volunteer for animal protection, was arrested for illegal hunting and other crimes, and once exposed the pollution discharge in Tengger Desert

 Li Genshan, a well-known volunteer for animal protection, was arrested for illegal hunting and other crimes, and once exposed the pollution discharge in Tengger Desert

Upstream news once reported on the event under the title Li Genshan, a well-known environmental volunteer, was arrested for three crimes and participated in exposing the pollution discharge in Tengger Desert.

Li Genshan, 57 years old, once did security inspection work in the former Ningxia Meili Paper Industry Group Co., Ltd. from 2003 to 2011. He was interviewed by many domestic media for his participation in reporting the former Meili Paper Industrys pollution discharge in the Tengger Desert, and later became a well-known environmental volunteer in China.

As an environmental volunteer, Li Genshan appeared in the media as an informer for many times. Picture source / CCTV video capture

In addition to exposing the pollution problem in the Tengger Desert, Li Genshan has also participated in reporting incidents such as poaching with guns and dumping waste water from tank trucks. CCTV and other media have also interviewed and reported on him and his reported problems for many times.

After Li Genshan was arrested, several videos of suspected money delivery were exposed.

Zhongwei police staff told the upstream news reporters that they had obtained evidence related to crimes committed by Li Genshan and others. You cant catch him for no reason.

At about 5:00 p.m. on September 30, Li Genshans wife told the upstream news reporter that the police informed her to go to the public security bureau to handle the relevant signing procedures. At present, lawyers have intervened and have a preliminary understanding of the case. Previously, Li Genshans wife and lawyer asked to go through the bail pending trial procedure, but was refused.

Zhongwei police said that at present, the case is being further investigated.

Upstream journalist Jia Chen

Previously reported:

Li Genshan, a famous environmental volunteer, was jailed for three crimes

On September 9, Shapotou District branch of Zhongwei Public Security Bureau of Ningxia issued a notice on public collection of illegal and criminal clues such as Li Genshan, Zhang Baoqi, Niu Haibo, etc., saying that the Bureau has successfully cracked down on Li Genshan and other suspected criminal cases and solicited clues.

Police report shows that preliminary investigation, lijinshan and other suspected of provocation, extortion, robbery and other crimes.

The family members told the reporter of upstream news that Li Genshan had been given money a few days before he was arrested, and Li Genshan took it back.

As the case is in the investigation stage, the police did not accept interviews from upstream journalists.

Environmental volunteers famous for their exposure to pollution in Tengger Desert

It is reported that the total pollution area of Tengger desert is about 120000 square meters. The pollutants are the wastes from the pulp production line of Ningxia Meili Paper Group Co., Ltd. The Ministry of ecology and environment once sent a working group to Zhongwei city for investigation.

According to the report of Zhongwei City in March this year, 14 black sticky substance contaminated plots were found within 120000 square meters of Merrill Lynch District involved in the pollution incident. According to the results of the investigation, 9 responsible persons of the enterprises involved and 2 responsible persons of the regulatory authorities were investigated for relevant responsibilities in accordance with the rules and regulations.

In addition, Li Genshan has also participated in reporting incidents such as armed poaching and tank truck dumping. CCTV and other media have also interviewed and reported on the incident and the reported problems for many times.

In addition to long-term concern in the field of environmental protection, Li Genshan is also a volunteer for wildlife protection in Zhongwei City, Ningxia, and has long been concerned about species such as yellow sheep.

The Zhongwei police issued a circular to collect criminal clues such as Li Genshan. Photo source / Ping An Zhongwei

He was arrested for three crimes including provocation and provocation

At present, the suspects Li Genshan, Zhang Baoqi and Niu Haibo have been detained by Shapotou District branch of Zhongwei public security bureau according to law.

Zhang Baoqi, another suspect in the circular, is a volunteer of the China Wildlife Protection Association.

Upstream news reporters found that Zhang Baoqi had been sentenced for the crime of illegally holding or hiding guns and ammunition by consulting the judicial document network.

According to the first instance criminal judgment on the crime of illegally holding or hiding guns and ammunition by Zhang Baoqi and others, which was published on August 13, this year, the judgment took place on July 1 this year.

The peoples Procuratorate of Shapotou District, Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region sued and accused: in October 2017, the defendant sun bought a modified nail gun with sheep from a sheep dealer. In early 2018, Zhang Baoqi, a volunteer of China Wildlife Protection Association, learned that sun was holding a gun, so he urged him to hand in the gun. Around may 2018, Mr. Sun handed over the gun to Zhang Baoqi and asked him to transfer it to the China Wildlife Protection Association.

At the end of 2018, Zhang Baoqi transferred the gun to Wu, who was also a volunteer. On the afternoon of March 1, 2019, the public security police seized the modified nail gun in Wus home. After identification, the suspected gun is a gun that uses gunpowder as power to launch the projectile.

The court of first instance held that Zhang Baoqi and others truthfully confessed their criminal facts and could be given a lighter punishment according to law. On July 1 this year, the court sentenced Zhang Baoqi to seven months imprisonment with a suspension of one year and one month for the crime of illegally holding guns.

On September 9, when Zhongwei police issued the notice, Zhang Baoqi was in the probation period.

The suspected refund process of Li Genshan. Image source / video capture

The establishment of the organization was not approved, and the suspected money delivery video was exposed

Li Genshans family told upstream news reporters that at about 12:00 p.m. on September 7, the police arrested Li Genshan at his home. She was not clear about the specific reasons.

At that time, Li Genshan took the money, but after that, he thought it was inappropriate, so he returned the money. I saw it when I paid it back. Li Genshans family said.

According to the content of the video, three bundles of money are in one persons hand. A voice over says, take the money back Ill be in danger. When the camera was aimed at a man, the man covered his face and dodged.

According to the video publisher, the video was taken by Li Genshan. The bribe is to make environmental volunteers shut up and give up, he said. Because the video duration is too short, the real situation can not be known.

Long term concern about environmental protection, but the association has not registered

Upstream news reporters learned that Li Genshan has long been concerned about environmental protection, but his identity has always been in an embarrassing state.

Li Genshan has been involved in the preparation for the establishment of the Wildlife Protection Association of Shapotou District of Zhongwei City, but the association has not been approved by the local government. According to the regulations on the registration and administration of social organizations, unregistered social organizations are illegal social organizations.

It is reported that many volunteers of the association used to be poachers. Now they are volunteers of the China Wildlife Protection Association, mainly engaged in anti poaching activities.

The relevant person in charge of Shapotou District Bureau of Civil Affairs once explained to reporters at the southern weekend that problems were found in the routine inspection of the Civil Affairs Bureau, hoping that he would take the initiative to remove the brand.

In addition, some netizens questioned that Li Genshans detention was related to the report of environmental protection issues. Zhongwei police said that it had nothing to do with environmental protection and handled the case in accordance with laws and regulations.

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