Ford Mustang mach-e GT released

 Ford Mustang mach-e GT released

In terms of appearance, the high-performance mustangmach EGT model is basically consistent with the ordinary version. Its design inspiration is also derived from Mustang, the worlds best-selling sports car, and also takes into account the unique elements of pure electric SUV, so as to create an SUV that has the dynamic of Mustang sports car and can accommodate 5 passengers and sufficient containers.

The design of the door handle is very innovative and completely subversive. The engineer kept the designers idea to the maximum extent this time, replaced the door handle with four touch buttons. After the owner pressed the button, the door would pop up automatically (a small angle), and then use the inner mechanical handle to open the door.

Compared with the regular model, the high-performance mustangmach EGT is equipped with red brake calipers. The part of the tail logo of the high-performance mustangmach EGT does not use the galloping horse logo, but the logo of GT. Due to the limited number of pictures exposed, it is not clear whether there is any special treatment for other parts.

In terms of power, the high-performance mustangmach EGT can accelerate 3.7 seconds per 100 km. The new car is equipped with 88kwh battery pack. The basic wltp has a range of 500 km, while the long range model has a range of 540 km.


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