Durant, who thought he was taking over the LBJ torch, and the part of himself abandoned by him in OKC

 Durant, who thought he was taking over the LBJ torch, and the part of himself abandoned by him in OKC

For example, he said that fall, LeBron passed the torch to me.

But was Durant born like this?

Kevin Durant, a rising star in the oak mountains, took the opposite path: he announced that he would transfer back to his hometown of monteroth Christian College.

No one knows what he thinks. Is Oak Hill, the No.1 high school in the U.S.A., not fragrant? Why do we have to go home to help the poor.

In 2007, the famous sports magazine dime found Durant and wanted to use him as a photo cover. Durant, on the other hand, offered them a condition: you can either bring my teammates to shoot with you, or you can pull it down.

As the core of the team, it is very valuable to maintain this modest attitude. Because at that time, he was the first person in history to win the Naismith prize.

After entering the NBA, he did not forget that. He could have exercised the following crown prince privileges: big mouth, greedy ball power, temper tantrums, and do whatever he wants from the ruins of Seattle to Oklahoma. But in addition to the rookie period when the iron God of half a season, any of the above-mentioned behavior has nothing to do with him.

Just like his schoolbag, Durant still kept his low profile, introverted and grateful.

At the juncture of 2009 and 2010, the League didnt know how to deal with the 25 + longhand in 29 consecutive games. Hes too tall. With his body, he can shoot a jump shot on the head of any defender who doesnt lose his position. If you stick it too tightly, he can take his big step to attack the basket.

The black horse fights the overlord, old Ke vs. young Du. But the fact is, in each prospective brilliant new and old scoring King between the big open and close wind points war did not appear. The invincible scoring machine in the regular season was completely destroyed by Ron Artests no ball confrontation. In two games in Los Angeles, only half the ball was played, and the thunder was 2-0 behind.

Its not surprising that Oklahoma thunder was swept when it was found that attacking with the ball was the absolute core of weakness. But at this time, a fearless point guard came forward and beat Fischer hard to level the total score with harden. Thats thunders second hope: Russell Westbrook.

In his third year, Westbrook, who became famous in a round, was selected as an All-Star and became a real second leader. He is still that thunderbolt fire, can take out 32 + 10 + 13 and 32 + 5 + 12 in two consecutive games against the magic and the Lakers, moving like thunder and hard to know. But there are still some bad habits that have shown up this season.

On January 1, with 13 seconds left, the overall situation was settled, and the Hawks did not hand in the ball and were ready to leave the court, wesbrook suddenly distributed the ball to Ibaka, who made the latter a dunk. He got his tenth assists in the game and achieved a triple double.

This brush triple double behavior in the game after the game also attracted some of the subtle words of both coaches. Hawk coach drew said: he shouldnt have done that. Everyone knows that with 10 seconds to go and 7 points to hold the ball, you just have to wait for the final whistle

On the other hand, the original version of thunder three little also came to an end. The conflict between Geoff green and Durant made him only go to position 4, while the weakness of thunders interior line was caused by the lack of close frame threat between him and costic (before the 2009 trade deadline, thunder wanted to use Tyson Chandler and the Hornets to get the first player, but he didnt have a medical examination). Coincidentally, the west division leader, the Lakers, is a very strong offensive team. In time for the trade deadline, thunder general manager Presti will send the two people together to Celtic, in exchange for Perkins intention to strengthen the stuffing forbidden area.

As early as last year, when Greens contract expired, Durant supported his brother in a high profile: he works very hard in training and games. I hope the team can renew his contract with him as soon as possible, so that he can play safely. But now this transaction, the management obviously did not take into account the feelings of the boss. But surprisingly, Durant understood this, at least without losing his temper. Therefore, I think he understood it at this time. This is not to say that he knows business is business, but that brother may not be the most suitable teammate.

Obviously, Westbrook doesnt belong to the right second in charge, or Westbrook is not fit to be a second in charge at all.

At the end of the 2011 regular season, Durants per game efficiency has decreased significantly compared with last year. The average score per game was the most obvious, with a decrease of 2.4 points. According to statscobe, Durants data is better and more efficient when Westbrook leaves or Meno plays. The playoffs that followed clearly confirmed this. In the fourth game of the first round against the Nuggets, Durant started the harvest mode, scoring 16 points from 4-out-of-5 in a single quarter, but Westbrook helped him to add some difficulties. He made 11 crazy shots and made Durant a spectator several times.

Of course, positive examples are not absent, such as the Grizzlies three extra time war, weishaos impact and physical strength advantage are highlighted again, scoring 40 points to help the team get home advantage.

Then theres the Western Conference finals. Westbrook has 20 pitches per game, shooting only 36%. His shooting choice is poor, his mind is easy to heat, his passing is too purposeful, and his performance in the series is incisive and incisive. As a best lineup, the second array point guard only sent 4.8 assists per game, which was equal to 4.8 mistakes. In the fourth quarter of the series, Westbrook made 8 out of 22 assists and 8 errors in 4 assists. Whats more, he faces Jason Kidd, who is 38 years old, which makes people suspect that the player in Westbrook is about the same as Kidd. 15 years old? Or 10?

Do you know where the only game thunder won? In the fourth quarter, coach Brooks put Westbrook on the bench, with Meno and harden partner backcourt.

Hardens third year perfectly inherited the leap performance of the two big brothers. The game was highly efficient with 17 points per game, which crowned the best sixth player. In addition, he also shared with Westbrooks organization to concentrate on doing what he was best at, and was increasingly closer to Ginobili in terms of style and positioning. With Wei Shaos own medium distance dry pull jump shot more accurate, thunder finally became the leagues most frightening appearance.

Sweep defending champion Mavericks with Hadden explosion ending. Take Westbrook undifferentiated destruction as the leading revenge before the elimination of their own Laker. Taking Haddens efficient play as an opportunity to drive the team to overturn the old and strong spurs. Thunder in the western three round series kick out three after 70 superstars led by the three Western powers. As we all know, these three teams monopolized the chance of all Western teams to enter the finals after Jordan retired.

And in this most perfect thunder, also has the most suitable Durant. At the age of 23, he created new miracles in his own style.

In the first round of 2012 in the west, Durant killed the calf in 1.5 seconds

He is cold-blooded. Durant scored 10 goals in the regular season within three minutes of 24 seconds (Kobe Bryant had just eight in 2010), and three in the playoffs. In addition to the first two games, he played without urine during the entire elimination journey in 2012.

He is selfless. In the Western Conference finals, when harden played his strongest performance in the playoffs so far, Durant, who was the big brother, did not pursue fame and wealth, but was willing to take the baseline running position with no ball as a cover, and did what Duncan did before and after curry.

In 2012, Durant won the finals of the Western Conference

However, when his teammates are dumbfounded, he will also go to the raging waves in the past, and help the building will tilt. Thunder 1-2 behind the Spurs in the fourth game, the second brother and the third brother together in the first three quarters of 17 shot 3, the team only rely on the fragmentary and Ibaka that do not know when will cool off the hand to preserve a weak advantage. After a long pause in the thunder, Durant, as the big brother, suddenly woke up. In five minutes from six and a half to one and a half of the fourth quarter, Durant made all the 16 points of the thunder for seven out of eight shots. He strangled the pursuit of the Spurs again and again. Popovich shook his head all the time: This is generally the best choice for the Spurs superstars, including victory, data and efficiency. If you can tell me all I want, its Nowitzki in 2006 and Kobe in 2008.

u2014u2014Thats not right. Both of them were at the peak, and the boy was not even 24 years old.

Superstars who played spurs in those years

At the end of Game 6, when Durant smashed the Spurs with the help of Perkins dunk, we seemed to see the birth of a new dynasty team and a real inheritor of Duncan.

Then, he was defeated in the finals by ONeal LeBron James of this era.

With 55% shooting rate, 65% real shooting rate and 30.6 points per game in the finals, the GMSC with 20.7 points in the series and 33 points in the last two games of the series. Durant is the youngest person who has scored the highest in the finals for the first time since the era of merger. If there is no pot, the reason can only be so-called youth.

During the off-season, 23-year-old harden stood at the crossroads. As thunder has already extended Ibaka with 48 million in four years, only 52 million is left in four years. But Hardons psychological price is 60 million over four years. In fact, its not so difficult to talk about, but the managements practice of first renewing Ibakas contract and then leaving Fugen to him broke his heart. If he was determined, he would have to spend 60 million yuan in four years. And thunder management? Sorry, as a small club, we cant go beyond luxury tax. (its like ONeill and magic in 1996)

Durants replacement? Sorry, no money. As you can see, Durant had two substitutes available after that: the first was lamb, a 2K, 6-5-inch, 180 pounds, and any heavy flank would kill him. After the successor did not mention, thunder fans should be very familiar with the golden bomber Kyle - singler. Looking at the average playing time, Durant plays 38 minutes a year in the regular season and 40 + in the playoffs. Not to mention, he is still the teams general long-range shot to grasp the biggest person.

Durant was named unreliable man by local media in Russian city after his poor performance in the playoffs of 2014 MVP season

In the final pause of the finals, thunder, who is 20 points behind, has no way to recover from the heat wave in Miami. Coach Brooks encouraged his beloved players with a touching speech. With Durant, Westbrook and hardens last group photo, its so sensational. Hes really pouring chicken soup. He has two brushes. However, it is inevitable that competitive sports should speak with their achievements. Johnson - coach Avery didnt have a good temper to a certain extent. But because he was not a tyrant, and was a mentor to Westbrook and Durant, he stayed until 2015.

He is good at everything, but he has no tactics.

This is why the thunder must be a defensive team, because their offensive end is always the big guy with the ball to do the rest of the rags. It is necessary for the defenders to lead the attack and seize every opportunity of fast break. And that explains why Westbrook never helped Durant in essence after harden left - the best way to share the pressure of the bosss attack is always to find a way to break up the defense and make the boss more comfortable with the score, instead of shooting for him in the face of the same iron wall. Even if he wants to achieve the former, he is afraid to have some difficulties.

As a result, Durant can only do the work of dismantling the defense of the boss Westbrook. For example, in the first half of the 2012 finals, just looking at the data, Westbrook had 9 points, 6 assists and 1 error, which was not good-looking. But the problem is that Durant alone carried the pressure that the data could not be seen. It doesnt matter whether its his character (nicknamed himself servant) or his style of playing (10-12 years without the ball). He led the team to play in the finals, won the MVP, and made a reservation for the first person in the history of the team. He still accepted and was willing to accept that sometimes he was not the teams first choice at the critical moment, and he was willing to make space points in the bottom corner even though he could not touch the ball in a round.

Then, in this case, when thunder arrives at the critical moment when Durant has to attack, who can help him do the ball free point and split 5v5 into 1v1.

To what extent did the defeat in the 2012 finals hit Durant? He started imitating everything about James. It even includes the aspect of signing the contract later.

First, he gained weight. Why? In order to prevent the next finals meet James will not be back to eat. No matter whether the result is met or not, the answer of weight gain and strength remains to be discussed. Because before meeting James, Durant didnt let his opponent throw a ball in the fourth quarter of the second two games of the Western Conference semi-final, which shows that his defense is at least good. Moreover, he also lost his most important weapon: the maneuverability to move around the screen.

But in fact, throughout his career, the heats James was not in his normal form. At that time, he followed Rileys advice to gain weight and gain at least 260 pounds due to team building reasons. (after returning to the cavalry, he immediately lost weight, and his back injury still fell.)

At the same time, Durants assists soared in 2013, and began to learn LeBrons routine of organizing forwards with the ball. Even at the end of the season, he was still showing the pass and giving up the scoring king. (after the fight on April 7, Durant was overtaken by Anthony, who averaged 28.4 points per game. Then Durant had 31 assists and 54 shots in 4 games, Anthony shot 102 times in 4 games)

But does this three-point line dribble really suit him? Durant later made a lot of mistakes in the playoffs. It was precisely because he usually started from the three-point line outside the three-point line to hold the ball inside. However, because his waist was not low enough, the center of gravity of the dribble was too high to protect the ball. Moreover, even with this kind of bending skill, sudden throw and bull x to Nowitzki, positional warfare does not receive the ball at the three-point line every day. Receiving the ball from the front means that the attack distance is increased, and the opponent can stack and defend better. At that time, Durants speed advantage can not be reflected. It is not necessary to rely on high to pull out.

Finally, after James won the title for the third time, Durant showed the third trick he learned: he got the script of decision and changed it into going to the enemy. He can stay in Oklahoma and continue to work for Billy Donovan, which is called persistence; he can also go to the wizards to find a real point guard, which is called homecoming; he can also go to Celtic to be the third Kevin, which is called inheritance. But he went to the warrior! Its just too TMD to pick the nearest choice from the champion.

From the following interview, it is not difficult to see that in Durants view, he saw how James was scolded for his decision, and then relied on winning the title to reverse the wind review. In the warriors time, he also hoped that this play code can appear in himself. So when he beat James in the 2017 finals, he said James passed the torch to me..

However, he was wrong. Even if Durants shoulder is the highest in the world, its not the winner who should step on the side of the world. However, the warriors attack has always been opened by curry. If you cant defend the stars, it may only make the game hard to bite, but the system that cant defend will definitely make the game spend. (for example, game 3 and Game 4 of the Western Conference semi-final against Jazz)

When the next year, the warriors fell from the universe level to the galaxy level, and were choked by rockets with infinite defense. Durant supported the competition with several singles he was good at. At that end, James created the movement of one man finals and performed his heroism to the extreme in the first game of the finals. Even if Durant won the finals MVP again, the torch is still difficult to convince. (its the same thing if you dont even get it)

Finally, during LeBrons April fishing season, Durant suffered a dramatic injury - comeback - injury, losing the championship and leaving the warriors. He beat LeBron face-to-face twice, but Durants first year, which had been waiting for a long time, did not come, and Im afraid it will not come.

So, how should we miss thunders Durant?

u2014u2014Six years before he went to Golden State, he tweeted that everyone wants to go to Los Angeles and Miami. Lets be more competitive and beat them..

No matter how good a person is, he will always turn into a person he dislikes. For Durants ball, its like this. For Durant himself, the same is true.

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