The heats soul is neither janvie nor JB. He tattoos Miamis telephone area code on his body. At 40, his body fat is only 6percent

 The heats soul is neither janvie nor JB. He tattoos Miamis telephone area code on his body. At 40, his body fat is only 6percent

At the end of September, it all came true, and he was involved in every finals trip in the history of the heat. After Carter finished the season early, Haslem, 40, became the oldest player in the league.

They defeated the green shirt army and won the silver cup of the eastern championship. No one felt that the veteran was shouting empty words. All the imaginations he roared out became reality.

Because of these, he has all experienced, in the past 17 years, ups and downs, suffering in the mill.

Haslem was born in Miami to a Puerto Rican mother. He grew up in the most dangerous, bloodiest six square miles of downtown Miami, also known as liberty city. This is the name of Miamis sin city. Hunger, poverty, crime, guns and drugs, this is a paradise for the outlaws. And Haslem knew the meaning of playing basketball, to make a living, to live.

He finished high school in Miami, then went to the University of Florida, where Donovan taught him. Four years later, he became the best player in the history of the school team, but he failed in the 2002 draft.

Very simple, he is too old, and his body is not suitable for playing in the NBA: Haslems net height in shoes is only 1.98 meters, but he has a weight of 140 kilograms. Because he is not good, he can only defend the forbidden area by gaining weight, but such a figure certainly can not have a place in the NBA.

After losing, he played briefly in the summer league, then was sacked and went to France to play with a team called Sharon on the river Thorne. Because he couldnt adapt to French food, he only ate McDonalds once a day and lost 45 Jin in eight months. When he returned to the United States, his former teammates thought he had a terminal illness.

Haslem, who was so skinny that heat assistant Spoelstra didnt recognize Haslem, recalled, I saw someone I didnt know coming up and I asked him, wheres Haslem? Who are you?

Haslem certainly knows how hard it is to invite this training camp. He was born only 10 kilometers away from the American Airlines Center Stadium. He has been in Florida since he was a child. As a result, he went to France, where he was not familiar with his hometown, and spent such a miserable year. If he cant stay this time, he will go to Europe again. Its a nightmare.

In order to stay, Haslem found agent Thorpe and started a hell of special training. Thorpe still remembers telling Haslem on the first day of training: your rebounds will get you into the NBA, but shooting will make you money.

I know, but I want to learn to rebound first..

Thorpe came up with a shot. He filled a basketball ball and the ball couldnt stop on the ground. Then he went to the middle of the stadium and threw it hard at the basket.

Haslems job is to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

This kind of devil training makes Haslem suffer a lot. If he is careless, he will be broken his finger. This training makes him feel how to win the ball. He needs to prove that he can receive every ball even if it is less than two meters.

He thought he could, but the reality poured cold water on him: that summer, he trained with him and there was a college student named Josh Powell who was three years younger than him. In one round, Haslem thought he had grabbed the rebound, but Powell pulled the ball out of his hand and pushed it into the basket over his head.

A few weeks later, Thorpe came to heats training camp with Haslem after special training. He played in the summer league and got the pre-season opportunity. Spoelstra is the teaching assistant in charge of training. On the training ground, he stopped the group confrontation and replaced Haslem.

I dont think he can take part in confrontation training, Spoelstra said. Hes easy to hurt his teammates.

Half a month later, Haslem made his debut in the opening game. He was the starting player and his debut.

After becoming an NBA player, Thorpe will still take Haslem special training, his benchmark and example is 2.01 Ben Wallace, which is the second consecutive scoring season of Big Ben. Thorpe pasted the poster of Big Ben on the wall, with the words, go all out, speed, chase, be tough, be like Ben Wallace.

Thorpe told Haslem that you should train that 50-50 ball to 80-20, and then try to become 100-0, just like Wallace did.

One summer evening, five years after the poster was posted, Thorpe received a call from Haslem.

Coach, guess who invited me to train this summer?


Ben Wallace.

Describe him in three words. The first one, if its not tough, means you havent seen his game, Spoelstra said. His willpower, competitiveness, and coldness are all derived from the environment in which he grew up. Just imagine how a 2-meter inside line from free city killed him?

In their second season at Haslem, the heat bought sharks. Anyone familiar with sharks knows his dirty tricks. In the first group fight, the shark suddenly came out from the side and knocked Haslem four or five meters away.

Haslem stood up and stared at the shark with a fire in his eyes.

The shark was stunned for a moment. I like this boy. He has seed.

In the new season, the 2.18-meter shark and the 1.98-meter-old Haslem are standing next to him.

If you dont pay attention to height, Haslems game is exactly the same as that of other high-quality power forwards: they rush for rebounds at all costs, hit the middle distance, and smash when they have a chance. People who dont know him cant imagine that he once lost the election. He was once 140 kg. People only know that there is a small big forward with a furrow hairstyle, crazy filling and extremely fast speed. In the 2006 finals, he went to fight Dirk and put Antoine walker on the bench.

After winning the title, Wade was injured and Shaq was traded. But until 2009, Haslem had been the teams absolute starter. In 2009, Spoelstra referred Beasley to power forward and told Haslem, youre going to play on the bench. He nodded. Okay, coach.

In the summer of 2010, the heat recruited the big three and gave up Beasley. Prior to that, Haslem received offers from the Mavericks and the nuggets for a contract of 34 million over five years. But Haslem stayed, signing only 20 million for five years.

UD is the beacon of leadership. He is the beacon of leadership for our whole team and even the whole city. He is the best in the whole country, Spoelstra said. What UD has experienced, he grew up in that community and faced complex challenges since childhood. His survival is a struggle. Thats why he is so tough.

However, Haslem preferred to be called 305. He wrote the Miami area code on his body. Whenever he scored a goal or covered his hat, he incited fans to shout 305.

I want you to know where we are, he said. Its our culture, and were here to guard it all, with the championship trophy.

He always remembers that deep childhood, so that he cant see raisins in front of him. I really dont want to remember, he said. When I was a kid, I used to have a small bowl of raisins for dinner. Some of them were good, and some kids couldnt eat at all.

A sandwich and fries lunch costs $3, but its already a big meal for them. He calculated that in free city, one dollar can exchange for six meals.

This is Haslems last season in the true sense, 17 years, and loyalty is in his bones. Its the same with Miami and the heat. His wife is sports broadcaster FIS Rhine Haslem, his 1999 University alumnus, and they married in 2013 after 14 years of love.

Long time comes from habit.

Haslem holds a record: the teams highest rebounds, 5754. He is the first player in history to drop out of the draft and become the NBAs first rebounder. And he is less than 2 meters, once nobody.

His No. 40 shirt is destined to hang over the stadium, which is only 10 kilometers away from home. But now, he is preparing for the sixth finals.

Its up to us to fight for the champion.

I told you we could do it, he said. Didnt you win the first few times?

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