La Liga - opponent oolong to clear the encirclement! Vinishius breaks the door, Real Madrid win 1-0 in a row

 La Liga - opponent oolong to clear the encirclement! Vinishius breaks the door, Real Madrid win 1-0 in a row

The 29th minute, aureliana left-hand cross, the forbidden area of oddriosola will intercept the ball. The 32nd minute, elbias right-hand cross, after the point of oddriosola will block the ball out of the baseline. In the 35th minute, Modric passed the ball and jovich shot on the left side of the restricted area and hit the side net. The 37th minute, aureliana outside the restricted area long-range fire, angle is too is saved by kurtuva. In the 41st minute, Benzema stopped the ball on the right side of the forbidden area and then turned to shoot high. In the 42nd minute, Rubio shot far away from the forbidden area. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid drew 0-0 at home to balladolide.

The first 65 minutes, balwade in the forbidden area to find Benzema, baladolide defender cannello out of the corner to clear the ball but kicked the ball to the foot of vinishius, vinishius then shot the goal, Real Madrid 1-0!

In the 69th minute, cannero volleyed on the left side of the forbidden area, and coultua saved the ball with one arm. In the 71st minute, venixius left with the ball breakthrough was pulled down by Gonzalez outside the forbidden area, Gonzalez ate the yellow card, Real Madrid got the free kick, and then Arsenio opened the free kick, but there was no teammate to receive it at the back point. The 73rd minute, kurtuva saves Rubios long-range shot. The 74th minute, baladolide out of the corner, Gonzalez header deviation. The 75th minute, Benzema shot out of the restricted area. In the 78th minute, Ramos headed the goal and was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 79th minute, Carmelo got a yellow card for a foul. The 82nd minute, Modric cut the ball in the front court and shot the goal post. Marcelo got a yellow card for a foul in the third minute of make-up time. In the third minute of make-up time, vinius counterattacked with the ball to form a single knife, but his final shot hit the goalkeepers arms. At the end of the game, Real Madrid beat balladolide 1-0 at home.

Real Madrids lineup is 442:1-kurtuva / 19-oddriosola (57kawahar), 5-varane, 4-ramos, 12-marcelo / 10-modric, 14-kasemiro, 15-balwade, 22-isko (57arsenio) / 18-jovich (57vinixius), 9-benzema (87mayoral) baladolide, 4231:13-roberto/11-erbias 5-sanchez, 6-gonzalez, 3-carnero / 21 Michel (87elyamik), 20 St. Emilio (63maranhao) / 10-prano, 12-aureliana (63peres), 23-rubio (74navarro) / 9-weisman (74suarez) source: Netease sports Author: Fu then responsible editor: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656

Real Madrids lineup is 442: 1 - kurtuva / 19 - oddriosola (57 kawahar), 5 - varane, 4 - Ramos, 12 - Marcelo / 10 - Modric, 14 - casemiro, 15 - balwade, 22 - ISCO (57 Arsenio) / 18 - jovich (57 vinixius), 9 - Benzema (87 mayoral)

Baladolide played in 4231:13-roberto/11-elbias, 5-sanchez, 6-gonzalez, 3-carnero / 21-michel (87elyamic), 20-san-emetrio (63maranhao) / 10-plano, 12-aureliana (63peres), 23-rubio (74navaro) / 9-wisman (74suarez)