2020 Thomas and Uber cups were delayed for three degrees due to the epidemic.

 2020 Thomas and Uber cups were delayed for three degrees due to the epidemic.

Local time Thomas and Uber cups announced in September 11th that the team would withdraw from the 2020 cup bowl competition. This includes Indonesia, Thomas and Uber cups, including six countries and regions. The Badminton Association has clearly stated that it will withdraw from the tournament. Indonesia is one of the worlds badminton teams. The Badminton Association announced that it would not participate in the Tang Yu cup. It was a great blow to the competition. Thomas and Uber cups of Chinas Badminton Association have announced that they will not participate in this years Tang Yu Cup Badminton Competition after South Korea, Thailand, Taipei, Australia and Russia.

Among the six badminton associations mentioned above, the national badminton teams of Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand are all traditional strong teams in the world badminton arena, and some are super strong teams. Even the Russian and Chinese Taipei teams also have some world-class excellent players. The Indonesian mens team is also listed as the top seed of this years cup competition. They are the winners of the 13th cup, and the Indonesian womens team is the winner of the third youcup.

Once held an on-line meeting to discuss solutions

Just a few days ago, frost, a Danish badminton veteran and still influential in the international badminton arena, said in an interview with reporters, we and many badminton fans are looking forward to the restart of the international competition. The game will be resumed eventually. As the winner of the eight times Danish Open Championship, I will be very proud to be able to restart from Denmark after a long truce.

However, Thomas and Uber cups held an online meeting. After deliberation on the withdrawal of 5 teams, even if the substitutes were not able to get enough of the 16 teams to compete, and it was difficult to make up for the quality of the highest level group match, they decided to announce the delay again. After the European tour, we will do our best to maintain the health and safety of all participants

Denmark Badminton Open will be held as planned

2020 Thomas and Uber cups are in a rough and tough way. After the new crown, the third degree delay has been postponed from May to August and then October. Even though the World Federation of badminton has insisted on the original plan in from October 3rd to 11th, it has become the first artillery of this years International badminton rematch. However, it lacks the epidemic prevention regulations that enable teams and players to feel at ease and concentrate on competitions, leading to Chinas Taipei, Australia and Thailand. Six teams, including South Korea and Indonesia, withdrew one after another, and finally chose to compromise and bow to reality.

The world badminton federation said in its notice that it is still looking for the right date to hold the event, but not before 2021. This means that the Thomas and Uber cups will not be held this year. In addition, the Danish open, scheduled for October 13, will be held as planned, but the second round of the Danish open (October 20-25) will be cancelled. As for the other two tournaments planned to be held in Asia and the final fate of the year-end finals, the World Badminton Federation will further announce.

Djokovic announced: I and my wifes new crown test results are positive. Source: Beijing Youth Daily responsible editor: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806