Total ban! Shaanxi this place is not allowed to go, violators top grid punishment

 Total ban! Shaanxi this place is not allowed to go, violators top grid punishment

Advise to return to the donkey friends who are going to cross illegally

On April 16, 2018, Shaanxi Taibai Mountain National Nature Reserve Management Bureau and the Second Branch Bureau of Shaanxi Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau jointly issued the Notice of forbidding Aotai crossing, which was released to the public through the website of Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve and wechat platform, and was publicized and posted at the main route nodes of main mountaineering entrances and mountain areas and the communities where donkey friends gather. On October 18 of the same year, the governments of Meixian County and Taibai county jointly issued a notice forbidding Aotai crossing. So far, the resident government and the nature reserve have formed a united front to comprehensively prohibit such illegal crossing activities as Aotai crossing.

Post the notice of forbidding Aotai crossing at each mountaineering intersection and outdoor reception point

Since the launch of this activity, it has received the support and response from all walks of life, especially most of the donkey friends realized the illegality of crossing behavior and the destruction of ecological environment, and the phenomenon of illegal entry into the area was significantly reduced and achieved remarkable results. Up to now, more than 350 people have been intercepted and advised to return, and 19 people have been punished by forestry administration. However, there are still a few donkey friends who ignore the law and life, wantonly destroy the natural resources and environment, and still carry out illegal crossing activities in the case of knowing the ban. Whats more, the recruitment of Aotai travel and show off the process of crossing the Internet at will has a bad social impact.

Forest administrative punishment shall be imposed on those who break the law

Taibai Mountain is the main peak of Qinling Mountains, and the Aotai line is the main mountain range between Aoshan mountain and Taibai Mountain in Qinling Mountains. It is the highest main ridge in Qinling Mountains, known as Chinese Dragon Ridge. If Qinling mountain is the ecological lifeline of China, Taibai Mountain is the ecological lifeline of Qinling Mountains. As early as 1956, the former Ministry of forestry set the Taibai Mountain forest area as a no cutting and no hunting area. In 1965, the Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve was officially established. Since then, the protection of Qinling mountain began with the establishment of Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve.

In November 2019, Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve established Taibai Mountain Management Branch of giant panda National Park, whose main responsibility is to protect the giant panda population and habitat in Qinling Mountains. The Aotai line is located in the habitat of wild giant pandas in Taibai Mountain area. Illegal crossing not only destroys the integrity of giant panda habitat, but also has a great impact on the migration and population restoration of giant panda. The establishment of the giant panda National Park will implement the strictest protection. In the next step, we will continue to increase the intensity of inspection, implement top grid punishment on illegal walkers, and on the basis of punishment, disclose their illegal behaviors, and provide the personal information of the violators to the tourism authorities, which will be included in the records of tourists uncivilized behaviors according to the interim measures for the management of records of uncivilized behaviors of tourists!

Why is Aotai crossing forbidden?

Its for the protection of biodiversity!

Is to give the giant panda based rare animals and plants a complete home!

More for your own safety!

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Source / Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve

Supervisor of this issue / Yang Li

Original title: total ban! Shaanxi is not allowed to go to this place. Violators will be punished