Germany Super Cup - kimisi immortal ball wins! Bayern 3-2 duo te wins 5 titles

 Germany Super Cup - kimisi immortal ball wins! Bayern 3-2 duo te wins 5 titles

The 22nd minute, toriso middle road cross, kimisi outside the restricted area right foot long-range shot, Hitz struggling to block out. The first 24 minutes, Neuers big foot pass, dahud cut the ball to launch a counterattack, Royce continuous dribbling in the restricted area, left foot volley in the restricted area, and Noel fell to the ground to save the ball.

In the 32nd minute, Davis made a 45 degree oblique pass from the left. Mueller jumped up from behind and headed the ball to the top. The ball hit the post and bounced into the goal. 2-0! The 38th minute, toriso left cross, Koman middle right foot push shot, Hitz will save the ball.

Yidi again, in the 55th minute, DORT successfully intercepted the ball in the front court, Delaneys accurate direct pass in the middle, harands anti offside success, calm left foot push in the forbidden area, 2-2! The 59th minute, Royce middle road over the top long pass, harand single handedly to the meeting, the restricted area left foot volley, Neuer single handedly blocks out.

The 69th minute, pasac left road cross, after the point of Reinier right foot volley kick deviation. In the 82nd minute, kimisi cut the ball from Delaneys foot, all the way forward, and crossed the right side of levian, and then he crossed the middle road. Kimisi inserted in time and pushed with his left foot under the attack of two people. Although the ball was blocked by Hitz, the fallen kimisi still shot with his left foot, 3-2!

In the 89th minute, Bayern got a good free kick at the front of the forbidden area. Mueller took the penalty with his right foot. The ball went over the wall and slightly deviated from the left post. Finally, Bayern 3-2 likedote won the championship!

Lineup of the two teams:

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 1-noel / 5-parval (7641 Richards), 4-jule, 8-harvey-martinez (8442-musharra), 21 Lucas / 6-kimisi, 24-toriso / 29-koman (537-gnabri), 25 Thomas Mueller, 19-davis / 9-levandowski (8435-zierkze)

Dortmund (3-2-4-1): 35 Hitz / 23 EmrE Jan, 15 humels (7626 - pishchak), 16 - akangi / 8 - dahud, 6 - Delaney / 24 - Monier (6814 - Schultz), 11 - Royce (7232 - Reiner), 19 - Brant (7622 - Bellingham), 30 - paslak / 9 - Harland (6820 - rennier)