India successfully test launched an extended range version of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile

 India successfully test launched an extended range version of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile

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At the sensitive moment, India has stepped up its military purchases. Indias Defense Ministry approved the purchase of 22.9 billion rupees worth of weapons and military equipment on the 28th, including the purchase of 72000 us made sigal shor assault rifles to equip Indias border forces with China and Pakistan, the Deccan chronicle quoted Indian officials as saying.

The defense procurement commission (DAC), the highest decision-making body of Indias defense ministry to purchase weapons and other equipment, approved the purchase plan on the same day, the report said. The Defense Procurement Committee, led by Defense Minister Singh, has approved (Procurement) 22.9 billion rupees worth of various weapons and equipment. Indias defense ministry said.

Officials say the cost of the sig shor assault rifle purchased for the Indian armys front-line forces will be 7.8 billion rupees. In addition, DAC also approved the purchase of intelligent anti airport weapon system (saaw) for Indian Navy and air force on the same day. According to the report, DAC approved the purchase of high-frequency communication receivers to enable seamless communication between the army field forces and the air force.

It also mentions the armys plans to modernize, modernize and modernize its infantry and light machine guns. In October 2017, the Indian army began to purchase about 700000 rifles, 44000 light machine guns and nearly 44600 carbines.

Earlier, during the talks between Chinese and Indian foreign ministers in Moscow, the foreign ministers of the two countries had a frank and constructive discussion on the development of the Sino Indian border situation and Sino Indian relations, and reached five consensus points, including that the two sides should abide by the existing border affairs agreements and regulations, maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas, and avoid any action that may escalate the situation.

Arrogant! The Indian air force again said: we are ready to fight on two fronts.

As we all know, the Indian Air Force has always been famous for its chaotic equipment and falling planes, and its actual combat capability can only do some basic air attacks under the background of gaining complete air control. Not long ago, in a direct contest with the Pakistan Air Force, the Indian air force lost face. Not only were the fighters shot down, but the pilots were captured. However, such an air force is self-confident and believes that it has enough strength to challenge all neighboring countries. It even openly declares that the Indian air force is ready for two line operations.

In the face of possible military conflict, the Indian Air Forces statement can be called extremely inflated. In response to the pressure from Pakistans skardo air force base and the possibility of China Pakistan joint operation, an Indian Air Force Lieutenant pilot pointed out that due to the use of modern platforms, the Indian Air Force has received adequate training and is ready to fight on these two fronts. He believes that the Indian air force is well-trained and dynamic, and is fully capable of meeting the requirements of two line operations. At the same time, India does not provide reinforcements to the air base on the northern border. Transport planes deliver rations and ammunition to the eastern Ladakh air force day and night, and the fighter planes maintain a high-level combat readiness for a long time.

As a result of excessive inflation, India further launched military provocations against Pakistan while the northern border is still tense. On September 25, according to the Pakistan International News Network, the military public relations department issued a special statement on Friday, saying that India once again violated the bilateral cease-fire agreement and opened fire on Palestinian civilians along the border control line of baroh region, resulting in injuries to an eight year old boy and an adult. Pakistan pointed out that India has violated the cease-fire agreement 2340 times since 2020.

When India forcibly abolished the special political status of Indian controlled Kashmir, the local human rights environment also deteriorated rapidly. Major general iftihar, a senior general of the Pakistani army, publicly declared that the human rights situation in Indian controlled Kashmir was worrying when he visited the Jora area. Major general iftihar told foreign agencies in many countries that in order to suppress various local protests and armed resistance, the Indian army deliberately aimed weapons at civilians. At the same time, India has taken many measures to divert international attention from Indian controlled Kashmir.

However, in the face of Indias escalating military provocation and expanding confidence, Pakistan did not shrink back, but used its strength to tell India that India could not become the leader in South Asia. On June 12, according to the global network, Pakistan launched retaliatory actions and launched large-scale shelling on Indian military strongholds in URI and penqi counties of Kashmir after being repeatedly attacked by Indian forces. The Indian side admitted that although it also carried out effective counter attack, one of its soldiers was still killed by shells.

For many years, the Indian Air Force has been the laughing stock of the international air force community. Not only the high accident rate, but also destroyed the international reputation of many famous aircraft brands. Under such circumstances, the pilots of the Indian air force are full of confidence and say that they are ready for two line operations, which makes people wonder whether the Indian Air Force understands what two line operations mean. If it is only used for political propaganda, it will naturally be harmless, but if the self-confidence is over inflated, it will only embarrass me in the future.