Chengdu successfully bid for 2024 World Horticultural Exposition

 Chengdu successfully bid for 2024 World Horticultural Exposition

The world horticultural exposition falls into Chengdu for the first time!

On September 30, the video conference of the 72nd AIPH autumn annual meeting was held. After a wonderful statement and defense, after all members of AIPH passed the vote, AIPH chairman Bernard Ostrom announced that Chengdu has won the right to hold the 2024 World Horticultural Exposition.

It is reported that the video conference of the 72nd AIPH autumn annual meeting was held in Beijing, Chengdu and other countries. AIPH president Bernard Ostrom, AIPH Secretary General Tim bleekerf, as well as more than 30 countries and regions of the delegation, were invited to attend the meeting. Chengdu City participated as the bidding delegation.

Chengdu Municipal Government delivered a speech to the conference through video, and broadcast Chengdu propaganda video and bidding speech video to AIPH experts and judges to comprehensively expound and show Chengdus advantages in economic strength, natural conditions, exhibition experience and horticultural foundation, etc., and through video to answer questions about the bid to host the 2024 World Horticultural exposition, to show the confidence and determination of Chengdu in bidding for 2024 World Horticultural Exposition to the international community. The bid presentation and Q & A were unanimously approved by AIPH judges.

2024 World Horticultural Exposition is located in the middle of Jiangxi river ecological corridor, which is the central green axis of airport new city in the eastern New Area of Chengdu, with a total planning area of 161 hectares (about 2400 mu). It is adjacent to Chengdu second airport, Tianfu International Airport, Sancha station of Metro Line 18, etc. the surrounding facilities are perfect, which is convenient for tourists from all over the world to visit.

With the theme of beautiful human settlement in Park City and the concept of green, low carbon, sustainable conservation, sharing and inclusiveness, Chengdu will build the Expo into a display window of Park City, incubation space of intelligent technology, urban living room of scientific and creative talents, and open place for cross-border exchange, presenting a grand gathering with Sichuan flavor, infinite creativity and brilliant splendor to the world in the future u3002

The world horticultural exposition is an international horticultural exhibition approved by the international horticultural and flower industry organization, International Horticultural Producers Association (AIPH). The holding of the world horticultural exposition can bring great international influence and comprehensive benefits to the host, which is known as the Olympics in the field of world flower horticulture. Currently, China has successfully hosted Kunming World Horticultural Exposition in 1999, Shenyang World Horticultural Exposition in 2006, Xian World Horticultural Exposition in 2011, Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition in 2014, Beijing Beijing in 2019.

Founded in 1948, the International Horticultural Producers Association is an international non-profit organization. Its main business is to organize and carry out exchanges in the flower and horticulture industry in the world. It organizes and holds a spring meeting and a membership meeting every year, and holds a green city conference or forum from time to time, and authorizes the holding of the world horticultural exposition.

What are the considerations for the site selection and construction of the Expo?

Site selection: Jiangxi River Ecological Corridor

In the early stage of site selection and planning and design, the Jiangxi river ecological corridor with good habitat conditions was selected as the site of the world horticultural exposition, which can fully protect and utilize the current resource background and make the construction of the world horticultural exposition reach the minimum consumption.

In the process of design and construction, we will adhere to the concept of adjusting measures to local conditions, make full use of the typical forest structure in Western Sichuan, as well as natural landscape elements such as rivers, wetlands, farmland, fruit forest, etc., and carry out planning and design on the basis of not damaging the natural structure of the site. At the same time, from the two aspects of exhibition period and after exhibition, we should fully integrate the functions of the exhibition garden in the exhibition period and after the exhibition, so as to reduce the transformation in the later stage.

In the future, the park will integrate industrial elements such as gardening, scientific research, natural education, leisure, health preservation, sports, culture and other industrial elements, and develop in the direction of theme park, scientific research exhibition and leisure vacation, so as to realize the long-term utilization and sustainable development of the exhibition area of the exhibition hall.

Set up eight functional areas

Show rich experience

Adhering to the development concept of green and low-carbon, sustainable conservation, sharing and inclusion, through the planning and design means of stay, construct, borrow and integrate, eight functional areas are set up in the exhibition area, including China Urban Exhibition Park, International City Exhibition Park and enterprise Exhibition Park, and theme Gardens such as World Garden Lake, world garden tower and world famous flower garden are set up to present rich and colorful exhibition experience, Show the world horticultural culture and Chinese traditional horticulture.

It is worth mentioning that two sub venues, Wenjiang Sanyi Penjing garden and Xinjin Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park, were set up this time to build a systematic and perfect exhibition system together with the sub venues, and strive to present an innovative, distinctive and sustainable international horticultural event.

u300bu300bScience Popularization

The world horticultural exposition is the highest level international and professional flower horticultural exposition. It is of great significance to promote the development of horticulture, expand the international reputation and promote the construction of ecological civilization. Up to now, the world horticultural exposition has been held in the world for 35 times. China is the most frequent and fruitful country to hold the world horticultural exposition since the 21st century. In order to actively strive for the landing of the World Horticultural Exposition in Chengdu, since the beginning of 2018, our city began to plan for the bid. After three years of unremitting efforts, we finally won the right to bid for the 2024 World Horticultural Exposition.

Wang Linli, Jinguan journalist, Chengdu Daily

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