Staff fall from high altitude, Chongqing dream Ordovician scenic spot is closed

 Staff fall from high altitude, Chongqing dream Ordovician scenic spot is closed

Beijing News in response to the recent Internet rumors that Chongqing Ordovician scenic area is suspected to have tourists playing high-altitude project falling, on September 20, Chongqing Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone Culture and Tourism Development Bureau official micro blog Wansheng culture and tourism issued a notice saying that the falling personnel were the scenic area staff, who had an accident while shooting the video and died after rescue.

At present, the relevant departments have ordered the scenic spot to stop all speed skating projects. The cause of the accident and the responsibility identification are under investigation and analysis.

According to the notice, at about 15:00 on September 18, a staff member of the Ordovician scenic area in Chongqing took a propaganda video on the No. 4 speed skating line in the scenic area. When he arrived at the station, he fell from a height during rescue. At 16:20 on the same day, he died after ineffective rescue.

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Official: all speed skating projects have been suspended (source: original)

According to the online video and bulletin, the accident was suspected to be one of the high-altitude speed skating events, which was marked on its official website as the most popular high-altitude event for the bravest in the park.

The accident is not the first accident in the Ordovician scenic area of Chongqing. According to the Chongqing Morning Post, on October 1, 2018, a video of tourists insurance buckle suddenly falling off while playing in the extreme leap project in the Ordovician scenic area attracted netizens attention. On October 3, the official wechat notice issued by the Propaganda Department of Chongqing Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee said that due to improper operation of the staff, the safety buckle of the safety rope behind the tourists fell off, and the project involved had stopped operation. Before that, the Ordovician scenic spot once responded to the accident as a means of network marketing propaganda.

Photo source / screenshot of the official website of the Ordovician scenic area.

Photo source / screenshot of the official website of the Ordovician scenic area.

Chongqing Ordovician scenic spot is operated by Chongqing Ordovician Tourism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ordovician tourism). According to Tianyan investigation, the Ordovician tourism industry has been repeatedly punished by the Tourism Development Committee of Chongqing Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone in recent two years. On October 11, 2018, the Ordovician tourism extreme leap project and step by step startling project were ordered to stop business for rectification and be fined; on April 30, 2019, the Ordovician tourism industry was ordered to stop business immediately for rectification and impose a fine on the 18 meter cliff swing and 21 meter Cliff swing in the Ordovician scenic spot. In addition, Tianyan investigation shows that the Ordovician tourism industry is also involved in a number of dispute cases of violation of security obligations.

In recent years, net red projects such as glass trestle have been emerging, but at the same time, safety problems have also followed, and more detailed and comprehensive management standards are urgently needed. In 2019, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the notice on strengthening the project management of glass trestle road in A-level tourist attractions, which clearly pointed out that safety is higher than everything else, we should attach great importance to risk prevention, do a good job in hidden danger investigation, improve safety management and strengthen publicity and guidance.

Previously reported

As for the identity of the woman who fell, the staff said that it is the staff of the scenic area, not tourists, and how the current situation of the fallen woman is temporarily unclear. At present, the cause of the accident and other specific circumstances, the relevant departments are under investigation.

Internet video shows a woman in white hanging upside down on a ropeway seat in mid air and soon fell into a valley. A tourist who witnessed the incident told surging news that the accident occurred at about 3:00 p.m. on the 18th.

The game consists of two cableways, and the driving devices are connected in series. Visitors sit high on the safety chair of one of the cableways, and then slide down. At the same time, gravity is generated to bring the empty safety chair on the other ropeway back from the lower part. The tourist said that at that time, I do not know why, when the high-altitude tourists glide, there is still a person on the low-level safety chair, who was instantly pulled back to the ropeway and hung in the air.

Tourists from high places slide down and sit on the safety chair with safety measures, while the girl at the bottom has no safety measures, hanging upside down on the seat rope. The above-mentioned tourists recalled that the driver could not work properly due to the presence of people on both cableways, both of them hovered about a third of the distance from the starting point.

The tourist said that after the accident, the ropeway staff quickly took action, hand driven, to pull the tourists with safety measures to the shore, while the woman who was hung upside down was not so lucky and suspected that she fell into the valley due to lack of physical strength. Later, she was carried up to the hospital and said she was still alive, but we dont know the details. The tourist said that the valley is dozens of meters deep, falling from the height should be dangerous.

On the evening of September 19, a staff member of the cultural and Tourism Bureau of Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone in Chongqing told the surging news that there was indeed a personnel falling incident in the Ordovician scenic area. The specific reason is not clear, the relevant departments are investigating.. As for the identity of the fallen lady, the staff said that according to its understanding, it is the scenic spot staff, not tourists.. As for the current situation of the lady, the above-mentioned staff said it was unclear for the time being.

According to the public data, Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician officially opened for business in 2017. Due to the rapid popularity of sky hanging Gallery, it has successively opened cliff swing, aerial glass suspension bridge and high-altitude speed skating, which has become the synonym of adventure, excitement and terror in Chongqings tourist attractions.

The surging news noted that a report on the peoples Daily website showed that the Ordovician scenic spot held the 2020 emergency rescue drill for Chongqings large amusement facilities on the morning of the incident. One of the themes of sudden stoppage of the high-altitude rotary aircraft is the sudden stop of tourists.

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