The entry reward of iPhone 12 for overtime production during holidays: RMB 9000 responded by Foxconn

 The entry reward of iPhone 12 for overtime production during holidays: RMB 9000 responded by Foxconn

Science and technology innovation board daily 30, according to science and technology innovation board daily reporter learned from relevant channels, at present, Foxconn Zhengzhou factorys latest policy is job seekers, introducers bonus is 9000 yuan, 500 yuan, according to the interview date from October 2, new employees must be on-the-job for more than 90 days and effective attendance for 55 days; less than one month of employment in Zhengzhou Foxconn employees told reporters, now All the products are new machines. The team I work for is the iPhone 12. The entry reward has been changing. When I started my job, I would get 11000 yuan if I had done it for three months.

Foxconn may cancel employee holidays to speed up production of iPhone 12

Foxconn, an apple contract manufacturer, is pushing ahead with its iPhone 12 production line. Employees must comply with mandatory overtime and holiday cancellation rules to keep production running around the clock, according to Apple insider.

According to the South China Morning Post, production promotion includes 24-hour operation of the Zhengzhou plant and measures to make employees work longer hours. Details revealed by employees, job ads and local media reports all showed that Foxconn canceled the holidays arranged by employees and asked employees to work overtime for several hours.

According to the China Securities Journal, a security guard at Foxconns plant in Zhengzhou learned that Foxconns Zhengzhou airport plant began hiring in July to assemble the iPhone 12.

The end of Chinas world factory status? Foxconn refutes rumors! What happened?

Foxconns share price failed to make headlines, but a clarification statement swept the whole network!

On the evening of August 13, all major news terminals released an inexplicable message: Foxconns clarification statement. Foxconn said that in response to the untrue reports of the companys second quarter investment corporate presentation meeting by the companys Bloomberg news, Foxconn Technology Group stated the following:

1. During the briefing, the company did not comment on single customer, plant area and product information;

2. The media has also over interpreted the companys views on global industrial trends, and the headlines are misinterpreted and misleading. We hope that the outside world will not misrepresent them.

What exactly is it reporting? What did Foxconn say? According to a report on August 12, local time, the chairman of Hon Hai (or Foxconn) said that the era of China as the worlds factory was over and planned to split the supply chain between the two major markets. But Foxconn said it did not say so. So, what happened? Watch the report!

Recently, a report entitled Apple manufacturers say that Chinas era as the worlds factory is over was reprinted by major overseas mainstream media, and can be seen everywhere in we media.

Apples main suppliers and more than a dozen other technology giants plan to split the supply chain between China and the United States, and believe that the era of China as the worlds factory is over, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Young Liu, chairman of Hon Hai Precision industries, said it would gradually increase production capacity outside China, according to a report by Bloomberg. These include gadgets from iPhones to Dell desktops and Nintendo switches. The foreign share is now 30%, up from 25% in June last year. As Foxconn moves more manufacturing to Southeast Asia and elsewhere, the proportion will rise.

Whether its India, Southeast Asia or the Americas, every country has a manufacturing ecosystem, Liu said While China will still play a key role in Foxconns manufacturing Empire, the era of the country as the worlds factory is over, he added

Liu Yang said last year that Apples most valuable product, the iPhone, could be made outside China if needed.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has 12 factories in 9 cities in China. The company makes everything from iPhones and Nintendo switches to Dells computers, and after acquiring Sharps and subsequent Toshibas PC businesses, it has developed a strong interest in television and personal computers. The company also owns Belkin, which they acquired in 2018.

Earlier this week, Foxconn has begun a seasonal recruitment boom to help with the production of the iPhone 12, according to reports. Apple is widely expected to release four iPhone 12 models this year, including 5.4-inch models, two 6.1-inch models and 6.7-inch models, all equipped with OLED display, 5g connection and new flat edge design. New iPhones usually start shipping in late September, and apple recently said it would be available in a few weeks..

After the above reports were widely spread, both Foxconns official wechat and Taiwans Hon Hai Groups websites posted statements that the company did not comment on single customers, factories and product information in the second quarters corporate investment presentation meeting. The media also over interpreted the companys views on the global industrial trend, and the headlines were misinterpreted and misleading. We hope that the outside world will not make mistakes A false report.

In fact, even if the chairman of Hon Hai really said so, it may be just a family statement. Foxconn is not irreplaceable, and it is not without competitors. The market value of Lixun precision has surpassed that of Foxconn this year, and it is considered as Foxconns strongest competitor. As early as 2017, when Apple CEO cook visited China, he skipped Hon Hai and directly visited lucent precision. This shows how much Apple attaches importance to Wang Laichun. After the visit, cook also said, we visited our partner, Lixun precision, in Kunshan. Their super first-class factory has integrated great fine craftsmanship and mind into the manufacture of Apple Earphones. Ms. Wang Laichun has created an excellent culture of people-oriented. We are happy to work with them!

The data in July hit the face

In addition, according to the Chinese reporters of securities companies, the shipping space in Yantian port and Zhuhai port in Shenzhen is very tight recently. Freight forwarders cant get hold of them by bombing every day, and the goods piled up in the warehouse are almost crowded, especially those sent to New York port. In addition, the flow of container trucks to and from major ports is also very large, a busy scene.

Northeast Securities believes that the second outbreak of the U.S. epidemic in July, the epidemic in other countries and regions also showed signs of rising, leading to economic restart was hindered. Different from Chinas recovery path, overseas countries demand recovered faster after the outbreak, while supply recovered relatively slowly, which is related to the large-scale fiscal stimulus to protect residents income and western consumption habits. Therefore, in the case of strong overseas demand and insufficient supply, China once again plays the role of world factory to make up for the lack of capacity in other countries.

Northeast Securities said that for exports, overseas demand for epidemic prevention materials is decreasing, but will not fade away soon. The second outbreak of the epidemic has pushed China into the position of world factory. In the short term, countries still need Chinese goods to make up for their insufficient production capacity. However, in the long run, the demand of overseas countries will not be strong after fiscal stimulus, and the long-term income decline caused by high unemployment will weaken the demand, and Chinas exports will also be under pressure. In July, the trade surplus expanded again to 62.33 billion US dollars. In the short term, the trade surplus will remain at a high level, which will contribute a lot to GDP. In the long run, the surplus will narrow with the pressure of exports. It is the key to promote the economy to promote domestic consumption and improve the domestic big cycle.

Domestic strategy has also been adjusted

The export economic structure in the past years has led to a long-term economic pattern of high savings, high exports and low consumption. In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic impact on the economy is becoming more and more obvious. In this case, it is necessary for China to build a new international and domestic dual circulation situation with domestic circulation as the main body. This pattern has been mentioned frequently in recent top-level meetings.

Guotai Junan believes that there are two ways to build the domestic big cycle: one is the internal consumption cycle; the other is the domestic demand cycle of science and technology. In the implementation path, there are mainly the following points:

One is to block the siphon effect of real estate and increase the disposable income of residents. In the first half of the year, Chinas economy fell into negative growth under the impact of the epidemic, but the real estate regulation showed no sign of weakening. Since late July, a number of ministries and commissions have made intensive statements on the property market.

731 Political Bureau meeting once again made a statement on the real estate: we should adhere to the positioning that the house is for living, not for speculation, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. From the perspective of building a domestic big cycle, we can better understand the continuity of real estate adjustment.

Second, the export economy turned to domestic sales. To replace external demand with new domestic demand to absorb production capacity, export to domestic sales, in this process, we need to continue to ease policy obstruction. For example, Huang Qifan pointed out in how to build a large domestic cycle, Chinas steel industry has overcapacity, but at the same time, the use of steel in building structures is only 7% - 8%, while the proportion in Europe and the United States and other countries is about 40%. If the proportion of steel for housing is increased in the construction standard, more than 100 million tons of steel can be digested a year.

Third, new urbanization 2.0. We should seek new growth pole and power source of regional development, cultivate metropolitan area and urban agglomeration, and bring new hot spots of regional growth. The old infrastructure should be replaced by the new infrastructure, and the old infrastructure should highlight the key points. Smart city and other new infrastructure construction, two new and one heavy to replace the traditional railway, the old infrastructure to highlight the focus, rather than to fully spread out, continue to promote the key industrial chain, leading enterprises, major investment projects.. The new urbanization is dominated by five urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas. With the reform of household registration system and land supply reform as auxiliary.

Fourth, industrial upgrading and internationalization. Based on the reconstruction and upgrading of the traditional advantageous industries, the advantageous enterprises go out and internationalize, and participate in the new international circulation. The implementation of industrial base reconstruction and industrial chain upgrading project, consolidating the advantages of traditional industries and strengthening the leading position of superior industries will make the advantages of Chinas manufacturing enterprises more prominent, and its internationalization trend will be an important source of competitiveness.