National Day Hotel revenge rise: some price increases nearly 10 times, room 100000 1 night is still robbed

 National Day Hotel revenge rise: some price increases nearly 10 times, room 100000 1 night is still robbed

Among them, the price of Sanya Atlantis Hotel, which is a popular online hotel in Sanya, has also increased compared with the off-season. Especially, the room types with unit price of more than 100000 yuan in this hotel show that they are reserved in a number of days.

Self driving travel becomes a new trend

There are hotels on the Great Northwest Ring Road, and their prices have increased nearly 10 times

According to the data released by the Ministry of culture and tourism, the number of outbound tourists in China exceeded 7 million during the National Day holiday in 2019. In this years global epidemic environment, many tourists turn their attention to domestic scenic spots. Ctrip data forecast that the number of tourists on the eight day long holiday may reach 600 million.

On September 30, 2020, passengers get off at Nanjing railway station and leave the station

Red Star News reporters learned from hotels, travel agencies and other aspects that affected by the epidemic, far more tourists choose to travel in the form of self driving this year than in previous years.

A staff member of a hotel told Red Star news that from the current booking situation, more than 90% of the tourists staying in their hotel during the National Day this year are self driving tours.

Because we pay more attention to family travel and safe travel, self driving and car rental are on the rise this year. Carry Cheng relevant personage says.

Ctrip car rental data show that the national day car rental booking volume increased by 150% month on month, and it is expected that some cities will be hard to get a car, and the price will also rise significantly. In addition to renting cars, Ctrips search for self driving travel products increased by more than 100%.

At the same time, self driving popular route Great Northwest loop line is also popular. Ctrip data shows that the national day fever of Great Northwest has increased by 475%.

The Great Northwest loop line crosses Qinghai and Gansu provinces, passing through Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, shuishangyadan, Dunhuang, Mogao Grottoes, etc., which is considered to be one of the best routes for self driving tour in China.

Dongtai jinaer Salt Lake, located in Qinghai Province, is a new online red tourist destination

Taking check-in on October 2 and check-out on October 3 as an example, Dunhuang Huaxia International Hotel only has a large bed room, with the price of 1271 yuan / night. However, in the off-season of November, the hotel only needs 138 yuan to book a room, and the unit price increases nearly 10 times.

Hotels all over the country have raised prices

Sanya wanghong Hotel unit price more than 100000 rooms have been reserved

Red Star News reporter learned from Ctrip, from the National Day Golden Week travel heat map, the country wide high star hotel has entered the peak booking. In terms of urban heat, Shanghai, Sanya, Chengdu and other heat are ahead.

Among them, the average price of Shanghai high star hotel has increased by more than 20% compared with the same period last year.

Taking Shanghai Disneyland Hotel as an example, Red Star News reporters searched many OTA platforms and found that all the rooms they stayed in from October 1 to October 4 were fully reserved, and the room prices ranged from 4000 yuan to 6500 yuan.

Other media have previously reported that the price of an online platform shows that if you check in at the hotel on October 2 and check out on October 3, the price of a luxury paradise landscape double bed room is 7753 yuan, even more than 8000 yuan.

Red Star News reporter Ctrip search found that in early October, the hotels room prices ranged from 4800 yuan to 108888 yuan. Among them, Poseidon underwater suites and Royal Suites with a unit price of more than 100000 yuan were fully reserved on several days.

Pacific Securities said that during the 8-day National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday, in terms of tourism consumption, accommodation consumption is expected to return to the same period in previous years, while tourism consumption in scenic spots may recover to 70% to 80%, and tourism consumption is expected to reach a new high after the epidemic.

Red Star journalist Yang Peiwen

Editor Chen Cheng