Mother Rong appeared in kindergarten! Dig out more criminal records of child abuse

 Mother Rong appeared in kindergarten! Dig out more criminal records of child abuse

According to the report, Bai, female, born in 1994, is a teacher of the kindergarten; fan, female, born in 1972, is a nursery teacher; Shi, female, born in 1996, is a teacher of the kindergarten.

They have been detained by Xincheng Public Security Bureau.

The head of the kindergarten was removed from office.

01: the teacher wont let us talk

Mr. Liu and Ms. Hou were the first parents to find the eye of a needle in their children. On the evening of September 26, when the child went to the toilet at home, the couple found three obvious needle holes in her buttocks. After repeated inquiries, the daughter told them the truth. It turned out that she was stabbed by the kindergarten teacher. I said (teacher) why to prick you? She said it was because I was disobedient Ms. Hou told the media that her daughter said other children in the class had been stabbed. Therefore, the next day, Mr. Liu took his children to the hospital for examination, and set up a group of parents on wechat to remind other parents to check whether their children have needle holes.

As of the morning of the 28th, eight parents, all of whom were students in class 3 of Zhaojun garden, dingqi kindergarten, found unidentified pinholes in their childrens bodies and heads, reported. According to parents, at least 11 children in the kindergarten have been found with suspected needle holes. It can be seen from the two documents of skin examination of children involved by the peoples Hospital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region that one disease certificate shows that punctate blood scabs can be seen on the scalp, forehead and thigh of the children; the other dermatoscopy examination report indicates that the examination department is head, waist and lower limbs, dark red, brown scab and pigmentation can be seen, Around the small globular blood vessels, a little white scales.

According to Mr. Yang,

The child told him that because playing games is disobedient, the teacher called her and the other two children together to go to the toilet and prick them with needles and toothpicks.

Just one hour before Hohhot Public Security Bureau reported the case, the official micro of Inner Mongolia dingqi preschool education science and Education Co., Ltd. issued a statement in response. No relevant evidence has been found to prove the truth of the matter, the statement said.

The company attaches great importance to this matter, and has set up a special group to guide the kindergarten to carry out all-round self-examination and improvement, and said that if there are kindergartens, they will never shirk their responsibilities.

At the end of the statement, the kindergarten also reserves the right to investigate the legal responsibility of individuals suspected of false accusation and frame up.

However, in the face of police intervention and the fact that the teacher involved has been detained, dingqi kindergarten said that it would actively cooperate with the investigation.


Vitrons Kindergartens: child abuse is not the first time

As early as 2015, parents of students in the branch of yuanlicheng affiliated to dingqi kindergarten reported that some teachers abused students and put slippers in their mouths. According to his father, Mr. Sun, at that time, his child said he was stuffed with slippers at school. After hearing this, Mr. Sun was shocked. He examined the corner of the childs mouth and found that the wound was not healed. Afterwards,

The investigation found that although the teachers involved did not really let the children eat slippers, they also threatened to intimidate the students. The kindergarten dismissed them for seriously violating the relevant provisions of dingqi kindergarten on the management of teachers.

In addition, in July this year, Inner Mongolia morning news financial media once published a news report that it is difficult to refund tuition fees in advance for Hohhot dingqi kindergarten, and the education department intervenes, saying that the problem of refund is difficult in Yili Aodong and Zhonghai sub kindergartens. At that time, Zhang Baozhen, director of Saihan District Education Bureau, ordered dingqi kindergarten to give parents a refund period, if not, then we will take remedial measures against dingqi kindergarten. With the fermentation of the event, the majority shareholder behind dingqi kindergarten, Weichuang shares, was pushed to the front of the stage. According to tianyancha app, dingqi kindergarten belongs to Inner Mongolia dingqi preschool education science and Education Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dingqi preschool education), which was established in 2008 with legal person Zhai Qianyu and registered capital of 2 million yuan. The majority shareholder of dingqi preschool education is vitron Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as witron). In 2017, wittrong acquired 70% equity of dingqi preschool education with cash consideration of 105.9 million yuan.

According to the data, the company was founded in 2002, formerly known as Guangdong Weichuang Rixin Electronics Co., Ltd., and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2009. Previously, the companys main business is visualization solutions. In 2015, wittrong entered the field of preschool education, and successively acquired several preschool education brands, such as Hongying era, golden cradle, Kere education, dingqi preschool education, etc. In 2018, with 5513 kindergartens, 230 early childhood education institutions and 512 childrens growth centers, vitron has become the listed company with the largest number of kindergartens in the Chinese market and is known as A-share preschool education leading enterprise. but

From July to October 2018, five kindergarten teachers in the kindergarten repeatedly abused several children by means of needle pricking and other means during the period of child custody, and the five were finally approved for arrest on suspicion of abusing the caregiver, reported.

On November 15, 2018, the opinions on preschool education reform were issued. Some opinions on deepening the reform and standardizing the development of preschool education pointed out that some private kindergartens were excessively profit seeking, and clearly stated that private kindergartens are not allowed to be listed separately or as a part of assets, and listed companies are not allowed to finance and invest in profit-making kindergartens through the stock market. When the tide is past, we will know who is swimming naked. The regulation caused a huge shock in the industry. Since then, vitron has begun to divest part of its preschool education assets. Among them, Kere education has entered the sale process. As of June 30, this year, vitron has received the first equity transfer payment of 20 million yuan. On August 3 this year, Weichuang also completed the transfer of shareholders agreement and the change of the companys control right. Four days after the change of ownership, vitron released its 2020 semi annual report. During the reporting period, the actual revenue was 216 million yuan, a sharp decrease of 56.70% year-on-year. In terms of specific business, during the epidemic period, the three major preschool education brands of vitron Co., Ltd. suffered heavy losses. The net profit of Hongying education is less than 500000 yuan, while the net loss of golden cradle and dingqi preschool education is about 2 million yuan respectively.


Education is not divided into private and public

as report goes,

The local education department has hired psychological experts to go to the childrens homes to provide psychological counseling for the children.

In addition, a special rectification group was set up to conduct comprehensive rectification and rectification for kindergartens. The Education Bureau of the new urban district also said that it would strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen the construction of teachers ethics and conduct, and seriously investigate and punish all kindergartens and teaching staff who damage childrens physical and mental health with a zero tolerance attitude, so as to ensure the healthy growth of childrens body and mind.

But the author would like to say that, rather than mend the loophole, we should try our best to strangle the crime in the cradle in the case of minors, especially children. First of all, the author noticed that two of the three teachers were in their 20s. I believe that any kindergarten teacher is a little awed when he or she is just on the job. If its true to give a child a needle, think about it,

Who did they learn from after working for several years?

Can the five-year ban really protect the safety of minors?

Since private kindergartens are mixed with good and bad, it is necessary to establish some unified and powerful external mechanisms.

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