No threat to astronauts from the International Space Station

 No threat to astronauts from the International Space Station

According to the report, the spokesman said: after analysis and investigation, it is determined that the location of the air leakage in the space station is located in the Russian Star module, which mainly contains scientific research equipment. The leak of the service compartment has been eliminated.

He said the specific location of the leak is being investigated. The current situation does not pose a danger to the health and safety of astronauts on the ISS, nor does it hinder the flight of the ISS, he added

Russian astronauts Anatole Ivanisin, Ivan Wagner and American astronaut Christopher Cassidy are on duty at the international space station.

The leak is not the first time it has occurred on a space station. As early as 2018, gas leakage was detected on the international space station. After investigation, the staff found a hole about 2mm in diameter on the alliance ms-09 spacecraft docking with the international space station.

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