Serie A - Lukaku 2 goals, Ashraf assists + first ball inter 5-2 win

 Serie A - Lukaku 2 goals, Ashraf assists + first ball inter 5-2 win

The first half of the game only 28 seconds, Kolarov backcourt long pass, Ashraf and Sanchez hit the wall to cross the door, Lukaku pushed the goal, inter 1-0 to achieve a dream start. In the fifth minute, sensi made a mistake in the backcourt pass, and the shot was missed after the small insinide. The first 12 minutes, Sanchez free kick direct attack over the beam.

The 25th minute, Ashraf right-hand cross to the restricted area, Ashley young back point inverted triangle back, galliardini volleyed the goal, inter 2-0 lead.

In the 34th minute, handanovic passed the ball to galliardini in the backcourt. The latter got the ball and was knocked back by larov in the forbidden area. The ball of handanovic was obtained by Capri. After a little adjustment, Capri shot the goal 1-3. The first 40 minutes, Benevento free kick in the front court, calderola head off the baseline.

The 42nd minute, Kolarov straight, Ashley young knock on the door, Lukakus front point wrapped up a step slow, Letizia after stopping was not in time to clear the encirclement, Ashraf sneaked into the goal, scored Inters first goal, inter 4-1 lead. The 45th minute, galliar Dini passes, bidal header attack the goal slants the bottom line.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides to fight again. 48 minutes later, Munchie shot out of the corner. Badal appeared to be injured in the 51st minute. The first 64 minutes, Letizia shot hard to attack the door was saved by handanovic, LaPadula missed.

The 71st minute, Sanchez slants the forbidden area, lautaro stops the ball adjustment after the volley breaks the goal, the inter rice 5-1 lead. The 73rd minute, Sanchez stab shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, barera shot was blocked by the defensive player, inter players signaled the other hand ball, but the referee did not say.

The 76th minute, LaPadula forbidden area right inverted triangle back to hit the Middle Road, Capri push shot, for Benevento to pull back a ball, 2-5. In the 78th minute, Sanchez broke into the forbidden area and knocked in front of the goal. Pericic hit the goal from close range and missed the opportunity to kick the post.

The 84th minute, LaPadula shot was blocked by handanovic. In the 89th minute, Eriksson seemed to pass and shoot the ball to the goal. The ball hit the crossbar and then popped up. Inter won 5-2 in the end.

Inter Milan (3412): 1-handanovic / 11 Kolarov, 6-de Vray, 37 shkrinyar / 15 Ashley young (6514-pericic), 12 mori (6577-brozovic), 5-galliardini (8124-eriksson), 2-ashraf / 22-bidal (5123-barera) / 7-sanchez, 9-lukaku (6510-lautaro-martinez)

Benevento (433): 1-mondibo / 93-balba (373-letizia), 5-calderola, 15-grick, 11-macho (4518-fron) / 14-dabo (7056-hetmayi), 28-schiatarella, 29-jonita / 17-capri, 21-monzini (639-lapadoura), 19-roberto-incine (4513-tuia)