Heartache! Burned by her ex husband, she died of severe burns

 Heartache! Burned by her ex husband, she died of severe burns

On September 25, rams sister Zhuoma said in an exclusive interview with Red Star News reporter that she was in a coma for two weeks. Her sister finally moved her eyes on September 24 and had a little consciousness. Everyone is waiting for her to get better!

However, it is a pity that after two weeks of treatment, Lam, the smiling girl, still failed to survive. At 11:16 p.m. today (September 30), a Red Star News reporter called rams sister Zhuoma. During the call, Zhuoma was in a low mood and confirmed that her sister ram died today.

In addition, the Red Star News reporter also verified the death of ram from the village branch secretary of the village where ram was located. Jiagan replied to the reporter that Lams death has been confirmed!

Red Star journalist Liu chengmeng Wang Mingping

Case review:

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Sister: when her ex husband set fire to the fire, she told her father to run away

Net red ram was burned by arson. Her ex husband threatened to pull her two sons to jump into the river without remarriage

A few days after ram came home to recuperate, Tang Mou came to him and knelt down to kowtow heavily. He confessed that he would never do it again. Seeing that ram was not moved, he became angry and crazy. He held a knife around his little sons neck and said, Ill kill him if I dont remarry! Ram told Zhuoma that Tang went to the river with two children and threatened ram. If he did not remarry, he would jump into the river with his children.

In Zhuomas view, Tang held rams death, for a mother, this threat is almost irresistible.


If everything goes well, RAM will dig qianghu on the mountain at the moment.

This is a kind of herb with half human height. It grows on the plateau at an altitude of 4000 meters. Its leaves are like the feathers of birds. After the roots are dried in the sun, they can be used as medicine. Every year, July, August and September are the best seasons for Qiang. In Guanyinqiao Town, ABA, Sichuan Province, Lam and his father will drive a dilapidated Wuling minivan into the mountain. When they reach the middle of the mountain, they cant get on the bus. They have to walk higher. The higher the altitude, the better the quality of qianghu. Dressed in an old pair of green release shoes, a medicine hoe and a dirty yellow woven bag on her back, RAM carefully searched the edges of the forest and the bushes.

She spent the whole summer in the mountains, but her success depended largely on luck. Sometimes she could dig several catties a day, sometimes she couldnt find one. The dried qianghu can be sold for about 30 yuan per kilogram, and the annual income is less than 20000 yuan, which is almost the whole income of ram and his father.

Video capture

However, the hands that earned money were now completely black, their fingers curled stiff and unable to stretch. On September 14, Lam was poured with gasoline by her ex husband, Tang Mou, and then set on fire. She was in a deep coma in the ICU of the hospital for 13 days. More than 90% of her body was burned. The whole person was charred, and only her right chest had a little intact skin. Rams sister, Zhuoma, told me that in addition to burns, there were six or seven stab wounds, and bone was visible on the forehead. When she picked her up at 120, her cousin Nizhen took a look at ram. Her face has been completely burned out. It seems that it has become a little smaller. Her nose was originally very high, but now it is only a little bit small. Due to his critical illness, Lam was transferred to the peoples Hospital of Sichuan Province on September 17. The doctor told droma that some of rams meat had been cooked. On September 22, she underwent a major operation, to cut all the meat and skin for her is to peel off a layer of skin. So far, she has not passed the critical period.

Guanyinqiao is a quiet small town, with more than 4000 residents. Peoples impression of such a tragic case is rare. Lam and Tang divorced at the end of June this year. According to Zhuomas husband Renyang later recalled that at about 8:00 p.m. on September 14, Tang rode a motorcycle to Ramus house, which was halfway up the mountain. Behind the car was a watermelon knife with a length of 40-50 cm and a 50 Jin gasoline barrel. He also took a small fruit knife with him. Lam was in the kitchen, talking to fans. One of the viewers who watched her live saw a man come in, and then the screen of her mobile phone went black, and then she heard a sharp cry for help.

Rams father, Sanlang Jia and Renyang, were sleeping in another room. They were also awakened by Lams cry for help. When they rushed to the kitchen, they saw that rams whole body had been poured with gasoline, and the floor of the kitchen and living room was also covered with oil. Tang had a knife on rams neck in one hand and a lighter in the other. Hes going to kill our family, not just my sister. According to the number of gasoline and cutting tools, Zhuoma judges.

Sanlang Jia remembers that at that time, Lam cried at them heartrendingly, Abba, run away, hes going to blow me up. He shivered and ran out with Renyang. He wanted to call the police again. Renyang ran back to the room to get his mobile phone. They heard ram crying. Before Renyang could get through 110, the fire started to burn and spread rapidly throughout the house. Then there was a huge explosion.

Zhuoma later heard that Tang was also affected by the fire and his face was injured, perhaps because he was nervous. Instead of riding a motorcycle, he walked down the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, he asked for a bottle of mineral water to drink. The boss was frightened by his blackened face. After that, Tang was arrested by the police.

Zhang Yue


Tang is tall with rough features. One of his neighbors told me that Tang did not continue to study after graduating from junior high school and began to run a van. Later, the family sold the land, parents opened a teahouse, income is good, Tang also idle at home, no work.. He and ram were childhood sweethearts. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, they played friends together, and soon got married. They had been together for more than ten years and had two sons.

Not long after marriage, Zhuoma found that rams face was sometimes red and swollen, and her body was also blue and blue. Lam is very tolerant, and only once told her sister that Tang slapped her in the face. Her face was swollen, and she was afraid to be seen outside. She did not dare to go out for several days.

Lams cousin balmu sighs when she mentions the family of ram. In her eyes, her father, Sanlang Jia, is honest and unsophisticated. He is very kind, but it can also be said that he is weak and dare not say anything. The mother is the pillar of the family. She is capable of doing everything. The food is delicious and the sweater is exquisite. She is also good at digging medicine in the mountain. She is also the kind of person who dares to talk about anything in the village

Knowing that his daughter was wronged, his mother would go to Tang for a theory. In balmus impression, Tang would be restrained at that time, he didnt dare when his mother was there..

In 2011, her mother was diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer. She had no money to do chemotherapy at home, so she had to go home to recuperate. If she didnt have money, she would die. after staying at home for a year, her mother died.

Zhuoma remembers that it was after that that that the injuries on her sister began to become more and more obvious. After each call, Tang will admit his mistake to ram, and she will forgive him every time. She was reluctant to give up her children, and always felt that Tang had a chance to change. Said droma. Four years ago, ram was pregnant with a second child. Nizhen advised her, you shouldnt have this. What if he doesnt change you? It doesnt matter. Hell change it for the sake of children, RAM said

Video capture of ram and his youngest son

However, domestic violence continues to escalate, even no longer taboo others. Nizhen remembers that at a Spring Festival gathering, Tang suddenly pulled ram to the street, grabbed her hair and punched her in the eye. Her upper right corner of her hair was also pulled bald.

Tang doesnt like her going back to her mothers house. Every time ram comes home, he follows. She wanted to stay in Nizhens house for one night, but Tang disagreed, and ram did not dare to insist. We dare not say anything. We are afraid to beat her on the way back. Nizhen said. No one dares to challenge this seemingly unscrupulous violence. People seem to accept the status quo. No one dares to say anything for her. Her father is always silent and sometimes shakes in front of the tall Tang Mou.

The only one Lam can complain about is her sister, but Zhuoma remembers that only when she really cant hide it, RAM will simply tell herself what happened. She knows that there is no one to rely on in our family. She doesnt say a lot of things. Only she knows how hard it is. Speaking of this, droma covered her eyes.

Nizhen can feel the change of ram. They grow up together. When they were young, Lam was a lively girl and always had a big smile. A few years after marriage, when she saw her relatives, she often laughed. But later, Nizhen felt that the smile was just floating on her face, which was fleeting.

Make simple life into flowers

Lams sincere smile appears more often in the short video, when there is no one to dig medicine up the mountain. She spent more than ten days in the mountains, and she showed a very different appearance. She would take a careful picture of her three meals, breakfast is usually Zanba powder mixed with butter, hot tea, and put some sugar. Its delicious, my friends, she said to the camera as she ate

Ram in the video seems to have never experienced pain or been defeated by cruel life. She sleeps in a house made of stone, covered with plastic sheets to keep out the rain. She often leaks water, but she has been photographing clusters of yellow flowers struggling to grow out of the cracks in the rocks. She said, my friends, you see, the tent is full of flowers. Before the Spring Festival this year, she was sitting in the Wuling minivan. She was clearly very depressed, but her voice was very loud. She called out: the Spring Festival is coming soon. I still go out early and return late every day. The money is not earned. People are also very hard. This is our life. Come on!

The simple, kind and beautiful girl, those videos can not see the slightest bit of her complaints about the hardships of life, only the smile on her face and the light in her eyes. A netizen named old man by the lake commented on his micro blog.

Many people say that she has become an Internet celebrity, but she doesnt make money on it. Zhuoma remembers that when a fan brushes a gift for her, RAM will persuade the other party not to brush the gift and not waste money. After the burn, he needed to raise medical expenses. Someone asked Zhuoma to see the backstage of Lams platform and said, there must be a lot of money. There are tens of thousands of live broadcast on the Internet every night. She went to see, there was only 2000 yuan in the account. She just wanted to make money with her own hands. Said droma.

In Nizhens opinion, those short videos are one of the few outlets for ram. There are people talking to her and cheering her on. Shed better comfort her a little. At home, once the video is turned off, she will return to her former life. She seldom mentioned to her fans about her real life unhappiness. Occasionally, sensitive fans found her face a little bruised, and she didnt give much explanation.

A cousin who worked in Chengdu had repeatedly advised Lam to work. Its better to come to Chengdu for barbecue than to be beaten there every day. In Guanyinqiao, as long as people of Lams age can speak Putonghua, most of them work in other places. They can eat well and wear clean clothes. Who is willing to dig medicine and bear hardships every day? Lam also yearns for life in big cities, but every time she thinks about it, she cant see two children and her father is in poor health. She must take care of her father

Zhuoma thinks that the life ram wants is very simple. She has no grand ideal. As long as she can raise her two sons to grow up and take good care of her father. In the video, she would wash and blow his fathers hair. Two sons often appear. She will gently touch their heads, kiss them, and say, you two are my life, always remind me to work hard.


Even if it is such a simple life, it is still out of reach. Tangs most serious domestic violence occurred in May this year. He smashed rams right body with a bench, causing her right arm fracture. Zhuoma saw Lam, who had escaped back from her mothers house. Her face was bruised and her neck was pinched with bruises. Lams youngest son pointed to the stool, crying and rowed with Zhuoma, Auntie, Dad beat mom. The so-called reasons are probably household chores. Lam told Zhuoma that the domestic violence was due to Tang playing cards online. He lost some money and was in a bad mood, so he started again.

Lam felt that if she didnt get divorced, she might be killed. She and Tang agreed to divorce in May, with the eldest son owned by himself and the youngest son by Tang. Zhuoma did not know why Tang agreed to divorce so easily. When she heard the news, RAM had already completed the procedures.

But its far from over. Ram told Zhuoma that after a few days of going home to recuperate, Tang came to him, knelt down, kowtowed heavily, confessed his mistake, and vowed that he would never do it again. Seeing that ram didnt move, he became angry and crazy, holding a knife around his little sons neck, Ill kill him if I dont remarry! Ram told Zhuoma that Tang went to the river with two children and said that he would jump into the river with his children if he did not remarry.

In Zhuomas view, Tang held rams death, for a mother, this threat is almost irresistible. Before long, ram and Tang got married again.

But in less than 10 days, ram was beaten twice more, and she took her little son to hide in her mothers house (the eldest son was at school).

In Zhuomas impression, RAM never called the police because he was beaten. People there feel that this kind of thing is very humiliating, and they are not willing to say it.

A policeman told me that from last year to this year, the police station had received many calls from Lam because Tang Lu came to her mothers house to look for her. After hiding home this time, Tang Lu quickly came to the door with his family to take the child back. Lam called the police. When the police went to the scene, they saw two families fighting and snatching the children. He thought it was a family dispute. It can be seen that the ram family is a weak side. As a girl, her father is not in good health. We will still be willing to stand by her side and warn the men not to go too far and not to do anything. However, there is very little that can be done besides this. It is difficult for honest and upright officials to stop housework.

Later, Lam did not dare to go back to his mothers house and stayed with relatives for a month in turn. Tang Mou cant find her, every day to her SMS, if you dont come back, Ill kill the child! He found an important person in Zhuomas specialty store and forced her to call ram. Zhuoma refused. Tangs fist hit Zhuoma in the face. She fell to the ground and couldnt get up. The blow caused her left orbital bone fracture and stayed in the hospital for three months. Until now, droma can still see a dent under her eyes.

From left: droma, ram and father droma

After Zhuoma was called, she cried and called ram. Ram said almost calmly, sister, our lives may be like this. We can only rely on the two of us. She told droma not to cry, you still have me. Nizhen felt that perhaps it was at that time that ram made up her mind to divorce. She told Nizhen, for the sake of children, I have endured until now. If the children are older, I can go a little farther and work or something, but if my sister is beaten, my father will also be beaten. He is lawless, and he cant change it any more.

She went to the county to find someone to write a divorce indictment. She would still receive threatening messages from Tang from time to time, but she did not hesitate. At the end of June, when the court handed down the verdict, many relatives called her and asked if they would go with her. She refused, she said she would face it by herself and solve it by herself. Said droma.

She wanted to win custody of even one child, but the court eventually awarded both to the man. Because the verdict and divorce certificate were locked in the arson scene on the first floor of Lams house, they could not enter now. Zhuoma could not obtain the original of the judgment and could not know the basis of the judgment. Zhuoma guessed: it should be because the other sides economic conditions are good.


Rahm told droma that she had a boulder on her back, but after the divorce, she said the stone I was carrying had been lowered.

She has become more economical, skin care products only buy a few dollars of baby cream, in a plastic bag, cosmetics only a cheap lipstick, or someone else sent. One week a month, she can see her children. That is the only time she is generous. She will take her children to the amusement park in the county and buy them delicious food.

The most frequent word in her video became: make money. She wants to save money for her children to read. She is not very literate, and sometimes the comments of netizens cant understand. She doesnt want her children to repeat their own destiny.

But it was all destroyed. No one knows why, three months after the divorce, Tang suddenly decided to adopt such extreme measures. The only omen is that a fan later told Zhuoma that in a video before ram went down the mountain, Tang once commented: when do you go down the mountain, we can solve our problems. After the crime, we were unable to find the comment.

Lying in the ambulance, RAM still had a trace of consciousness. She said to Saburo, Dad, if I die this time, my sister will take care of your life later. She was in pain all over her body and said to her brother-in-law Renyang: when you get to the hospital, you ask the doctor to give me an injection and let me die. My life is over. I cant bear the pain. Its meaningless to live like this.

She was seriously injured. When ABA was in a coma, the doctor suggested that they transfer to Chengdu for treatment, but the cost was too high. The family could not make up for the 8000 yuan for the ambulance. Relatives advised Zhuoma not to give up treatment, even if alive, ram may not accept himself. My father was helpless, crying all the time. In the chaos and noise, Zhuoma made the decision to transfer to another hospital. As long as she still has one breath, her hands and feet are broken, I will take care of her, I kneel down to beg for food, I also want to save her.

This tragic case has aroused the attention of the outside world. In only half a day, Zhuoma raised 1 million yuan in water drop financing, which has supported rams expenses so far.

His father, Saburo Jia, was greatly stimulated and often fell into a state of unconsciousness. When he heard the voice of RAM in the short video, he would keep crying. Zhuoma sometimes found her father wandering outside in the middle of the night, and the whole person seemed to be lost in a trance.

But she fell into a coma again after a short period of consciousness, still unable to get rid of the dangerous state. The doctor told Zhuoma that one million yuan is just a drop in the bucket for Lams condition. She has spent nearly 500000 yuan on her daily and surgical expenses in the intensive care unit. After that, she will have to stay in the ICU for at least two to three months, at least 10 skin grafts, and the follow-up cost will be more than 4 million yuan.

The worse news is that ram may lose his hands digging medicine, and the doctor tells droma that his hands are burning badly and may need amputation. Zhuoma called me in a choked voice and said repeatedly, can you ask an expert in Beijing to help me? I want to keep her hands. She cant accept it. She has nothing left.

I went to Ramsays home on the hillside. The first floor had been sealed off as the scene of the arson. I could only see her clean shoes outside the window sill, which she planned to wear the next day. On the second floor, there are all kinds of fungus. They have their own food and some are ready to sell. There were several stacks of dry firewood beside the garage, which she had picked up from the mountain, stacked neatly enough to burn this winter. There is also a toy car driven by children outside. She planted the genkwan root and green onion in the side vegetable field, which had grown tall. There were several yellow marigold plants on the edge of the vegetable field.

Everything was a new life she wanted to live, a life free from fear.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Zhang Yue, Ni Zhen and Ren Yang were pseudonyms. Source: Red Star News Editor: Kang Ruixin_ NB16727

Zhang Yue

However, Ni Zhen and Ren Yang were pseudonyms.