The truth of silence, why do netizens no longer resist pay on demand?

 The truth of silence, why do netizens no longer resist pay on demand?

Whats different from the past is that many netizens in the plays barrage have been praised for advance on demand, saying that the play is well spent. There are a lot of comments like good drama costs a little money, but I dont feel sad. Some netizens bought Star Diamond members for this.

The core, of course, is the work. People who have finished the play probably feel the same way. As the closing work of iqiyi misty theater, the truth of silence is enough to move the audience. It is a rare content and really worthy of public praise.

A fog theater, two best of the year episodes

Dai Ying, vice president of iqiyi and general manager of the self-made drama development center, mentioned that iqiyi had a prediction when watching the film. Among the five works, the best industry reputation would be secret corner. This play breaks away from the traditional way of typified works in terms of audio-visual style. The truth of silence is the ultimate in the framework of typology. This prediction was finally verified by the market.

The picture is from the screenshot of the episode

In the past, the probability of continuous hot money in major platforms or theaters was very low. The above two plays are from the misty theater which iqiyi focuses on this year, and the time interval between the two plays is not long.

For the online drama market, the significance of the theater is that the platform pays more attention to the user needs of the deep segmentation market, and on this basis, improves the content quality. The combination of theatrization and serialization has strengthened the brand awareness of the series and broadened the possibility of commercialization.

After the fermentation of social media, the secret corner has made the public pay more attention and expectation to the next arrangement of the misty theater. Furthermore, through the precipitation of the personality and tonality of the works, the users sense of identity is enhanced.

Theatrization is the process of helping users choose what to see. With the brand effect of suspense theater, we can promote the secondary dissemination of high degree of discussion works, and at the same time, stimulate the activity of the whole theater. It forms a virtuous circle of drama nurtures theater, theater brings drama and former works bring later works. During the launch of silent truth, the creators of secret corner helped promote it on social media. Some plays that are not popular may get attention.

Chen Xiao, senior vice president of iqiyi, has elaborated on stylistic innovation. According to the subdivided audience groups, it carries out planned and thematic content production, and further strengthens the sense of identity, so as to form a perceptible vertical content belt. Personalization and identity gradually become the focus of platform operation.

Wang Xiaohui, chief content officer of iqiyi, once said at the meeting of financial analysts that the broadcasting effect and input-output ratio of secret corner are very good. For short plays with 12 episodes, the cost of a single episode is slightly higher than that of a long one, but the effect of bringing new shows is better because the number of episodes is short, the total cost is lower, and the ROI (return on investment) is better. In the future, with the trend of paying for good content, high-quality short plays will play a long-term value in attracting users to pay.

At the same time, this kind of short play also provides flexible space for the creator.

Theatrization mode opens, short drama market speeds up

Since a work can be affirmed by the market, if a good work forms a large-scale effect, its influence may spread to the whole short drama ecology. In the future film and television creation environment, to form a benign development. Dai Ying described the scale effect of theatrization on the whole short drama ecology.

The industry port and user port have epoch-making promotion. Dai Ying said, we have increased the creation context of short plays for the industry, and developed the blank area between long series and films. Since then, more works can be developed in accordance with the creation rules. For the audience, they have more choices, and we have released the demand mining in the depth of the market.

The operation mode based on drama has great randomness, and it is difficult to form continuity due to scattered discussion of episodes, and it is also difficult for users to pay continuously on the platform.

Similar problems can be solved to a certain extent by using the same type of multi group theater mode. This is the value of the transformation from single explosive product to type long tail effect, from type content aggregation to type creation ecology extension.

However, theatrical operation also brings certain risks. In the future, under the theater operation, the vertical group will have higher requirements for such works. Therefore, it is necessary to be more careful when choosing episodes. In other words, under the theater operation mode, users will have more expectations for the platforms explosive production capacity. At the same time, it may also bring more possibilities for payment.

By Li Shiyi

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NBJ11279