Ma Yun will no longer serve as director of Ali group, and complete the comprehensive and smooth handover

 Ma Yun will no longer serve as director of Ali group, and complete the comprehensive and smooth handover

A year ago, Zhang Yong took over the post of chairman and CEO of Alibabas board of directors. This time, Ma Yun withdrew from the board of directors of Alibaba as agreed, which means that Alibaba has completed the handover smoothly.

At present, Ali implements the partner system, with Ma Yun and Cai Chongxin as permanent partners. According to the system design, even if he leaves the board of directors, Ma Yun still has enough control over Alibaba.

The latest board members of Ali group include chairman Zhang Yong, Cai Chongxin, Wu Wei, J. Michael Evans, Jing Xiandong and kabirmisra; and independent directors Dong Chee Hua, Guo Deming, Yang Zhiyuan, E.B.rjeeekholm and Wan lingmartello.

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buy whatever you want! Ma Yun: future globalization will be driven by Chinas domestic demand

Today is the old, traditional, industrial age of globalization is coming to an end. The globalization of the new, real, digital age is just opening up. Today, Ma Yun appeared in Hainan to participate in the 2020 China Green company annual meeting hosted by China Entrepreneur Club, and discussed with entrepreneurs the social responsibility that entrepreneurs should bear after globalization, digitization and epidemic situation.

Ma Yun believes that there are many differences between the new globalization and the past globalization. In the past, globalization was dominated by developed countries and large enterprises; in the future, globalization should enable developing countries and small and medium-sized enterprises to go to the world; in the past, trade was the main force of globalization, and science and technology would be the main force of globalization; in the past, people and goods were flowing; in the future, data and services were flowing; before the globalization of traditional enterprises, the future was to make good use of Internet technology The globalization of enterprises.

In the future, anyone who has a mobile phone can do global business. In the future, all small and medium-sized enterprises must be multinational companies. Ma Yun said. In his view, in the past 30 years, 6000 large enterprises have decided globalization, and in the future, 60 million small enterprises have decided globalization, this is a huge opportunity given to us by the world..

Ma Yun believes that the future of globalization will be driven by Chinas domestic demand. In a new round of globalization, China will change from selling and selling to buying and buying. The last globalization was driven by the consumption of 300 million people in the United States. The domestic demand of 1.4 billion people in China will drive the next round of globalization and drive the world economy.

Ma Yun encouraged Chinese enterprises to go global firmly, but not to conquer the world, but to create value. What we want to win back is not only profit, but also respect.

Before that, on many occasions, Ma Yun once proposed that in todays huge uncertainty, digitization is the only certainty. Today, he reiterated that view again. Digitalization will transform all industries in an all-round way. Not every enterprise has to transform, but every enterprise must upgrade and complete digital upgrading.

Before attending the green company annual meeting, Ma Yun had just been to Wuhan. After the outbreak, he and members of the Chinese Entrepreneur Club also had a new consensus on corporate social responsibility. The epidemic is a sudden disaster, and entrepreneurs must take the initiative to take the responsibility; entrepreneurs are also duty bound to recover the economy after the epidemic is over. Ma Yun said.

China is ready to launch an anti-monopoly investigation against Google. It is said that Tesla will launch a new domestic model 3, and Tencent will reward 10000 employees with a Huawei folding screen mobile phone. Source: Netease technology report editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541