Tong Liya whispers with the man at night, and she immediately shakes her hand to avoid suspicion

 Tong Liya whispers with the man at night, and she immediately shakes her hand to avoid suspicion

Netease Entertainment reported on September 30, on September 30, a video of Tong Liya meeting with friends at night was revealed on the Internet.

On the same day, Tong Liya wore a white shirt and tight jeans, dressed for leisure, and He Rundong and others went to the bar to relax. The party didnt end until late at night. Tong Liya and a strange man in white walked in front of him. The man in white had been talking to Tong Liya incessantly. The man seemed to drink a little too much and act in a great range. He Rundong walked behind him without saying a word.

Speaking of the excitement, the enthusiastic man in white gradually approached Tong Liya and began to whisper close to her ear. He also covered his mouth with his hand for fear that the conversation with her would be heard by others.

On the way to walk, their arms often meet each other vaguely. Tong Liya doesnt care at first and continues to chat with the man in white. But as soon as he arrived at the door of the bar, the man in white suddenly took Tong Liyas wrist and held it close. Tong Liya immediately shook off the boys wrist, but her expression did not change much.

When the time to leave, the boy still bent over to the window to continue to talk to Tong Liya, and then ran to the drivers door to tell him to drive carefully, very enthusiastic and active.

It is reported that Tong Liyas nightlife is quite rich. She also goes out to party with Dong Xuan and Guo Degang, and has a lot of friends in her circle.

Another night, Tong Liya and Zhang dada showed up in the restaurant together. At that time, many men and women were sitting beside her, chatting with each other incessantly. When it came to the fun, Tong Liya even showed her gums and grinned, regardless of the burden of the stars. The atmosphere was very happy.

Tong Liya is recommended to take her son to dinner with men and clap hands with strong men. Dont forget to pull the curtain. Tong Liyas beautiful back and neck line is ridiculed by fans, suitable for cupping and divorce! Tong Liya father celebrates Chinese Valentines day for his daughter without mentioning Chen Sichengs super sweet! Chen Sicheng visits a low-key class; Tong Liya is fat and bloated. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351