Lets fall in love 2

 Lets fall in love 2

The variety show of love observation has entered the publics attention since 2018. The mode of real love among the guests and the guessing of sugar consumption in the observation room of artists has triggered hot discussions on social media. Naturally, there is a market for what audiences like. Major production platforms have turned their attention to love observation reality shows. In just two years, more than ten programs with the same theme were launched. However, the homogenization of the content quickly leads to aesthetic fatigue of the audience.

Lets fall in love is the only reality show of love observation broadcasted on the Internet. Since the first season, we have made bold attempts to innovate, and in the second season, it has been upgraded in an all-round way. First of all, we should abandon the monotonous repetition of the same period and enter the scene at the wrong time in order to avoid the flow of polite greetings, so that the relatively unfamiliar people can create the most possible sparks in the interpersonal environment created. The design of the love house is more open from the perspective. The roof is removed and displayed in an unshaded shape. From the Gods perspective, the audience can see at the same time how ordinary people form teams and what they are doing in different scenes of upstairs, downstairs and swimming pools at the same time, so as to have a deeper understanding of the subtle relationship in love.

Secondly, in terms of production, the sense of immersion is upgraded. From cruise ships to Sanya Island, which has a more romantic and leisurely atmosphere, it is more natural and goes against the rules. In order to meet the audiences demand for CP, we should avoid manufacturing industrial saccharin without filter, and restore the real character and relationship mode of young people to the greatest extent. Finally, the narrative mode is upgraded. From the later stage of editing, it is more bold to combine reality show + drama style narration, set suspense and create inversion, so as to meet the audiences demand for drama like experience.

The most noteworthy feature of this seasons lets love is the almost all female observer configuration, which provides womens views and Analysis on love from different age groups to the greatest extent. In the program, we also live up to expectations and bring a variety of wonderful views.

Huang Shengyi is more rational. When she sees that a man is left out by a woman, and a woman is ignored by a man, she yells, in love, whoever is attracted first will lose.. At the same time, her thinking is also very jumping. When she saw Xia Hous Government inserting iron, she immediately said, a boys iron lifting is equal to a girls half way makeup!

Zheng Shuang, an ancient and strange woman, often makes amazing remarks. She has her own unique views on love and her personal performance in love. She confessed that she fell in love as a student in order to be gregarious. She believed that girls would agree to associate because of kindness and compassion. However, like all ordinary viewers, she had to face the collapse of her house when she knocked CP. In the end, I speculated that the girls who believed they would write to each other did not make a choice according to common sense, which was very surprising.

Jinjinhan and Dai Yanni, the sister flowers of kowtow sugar, carefully observe the whole process. The former set up a flag strive not to doze off, only knock CP, the latter said looking forward to seeing love like first love. In addition, the male perspective of lets fall in love 2 has not completely disappeared. Zhu Zhengting and Jiang Zhenyu, a micro reaction expert, have joined the show, which makes the programs views more abundant. As for why girls always say you guess, Yi Nengjing thinks it is the possibility of deliberately extending the dialogue, while Zhu Zhengting says it is difficult to understand. For Zhu Fangjies character, Yi Nengjing thinks it is complicated, but Jiang Zhenyu thinks it is simple. The collision of views enables the audience to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the way of thinking of both sexes in love, so as to guide young people to better solve their emotional problems.

Lets fall in love 2 has aroused the publics curiosity since the official publicity by virtue of their super high appearance. Their different professional experiences and personality characteristics have also made the guests emotions full of suspense. This season, we also set up a wrong time entry mechanism, which gives the guests more possibility of interaction.

Zhao Yunfan, the first Beijing young man to enter the love hut, is sunny and humorous, a junior rap enthusiast and a runner of walking. His criterion of choosing a mate is a girl who laughs sweetly. As soon as the sweet and lovely Zhu Fangjie appears, he is fond of it. The topic, eyes, and actions all revolved around Zhu Fangjie. However, the atmosphere of Xia Hou Zhengyi changed abruptly. Zhu Fangjie obviously preferred the young and fashionable Xia Hou Zhengyi. However, the triangular relationship is not the end. Between Zhu Fangjie and the swimming pool, Xiahou is obviously more interested in the swimming pool. However, after Zhang cencencen of European and American fans appeared, he was full of Zhang cencencen. Zhang cencencen herself is a mature woman type. Compared with the new years little milk dog, her ideal type is a mature man with muscular lines. So when cooking in the kitchen, although Xia Hou Zhengyi repeatedly cast a favorable look, she also devoted herself to cooking. On the contrary, Zhao Jiaqi, who also likes to keep fit, said I seem to have seen you and instantly got a good impression. In a short period of time, except for Leng Yaxin, who finally appeared on the stage, everyone has found out the positioning and goal, and the idol drama named love officially opened.

Lets fall in love 2 explores the emotional needs and social status of contemporary young people from a more realistic, natural and immersive perspective, restores the real face of emotional communication between the two sexes, and guides them to re-examine their own emotional concepts. For more exciting content, please lock in Youku at 12:00 noon every Wednesday from September 30.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736