Lets fall in love 2

 Lets fall in love 2

The variety show of love observation has entered the publics attention since 2018. The mode of real love among the guests and the guessing of sugar consumption in the observation room of artists has triggered hot discussions on social media. Naturally, there is a market for what audiences like. Major production platforms have turned their attention to love observation reality shows. In just two years, more than ten programs with the same theme were launched. However, the homogenization of the content quickly leads to aesthetic fatigue of the audience.

The most noteworthy feature of this seasons lets love is the almost all female observer configuration, which provides womens views and Analysis on love from different age groups to the greatest extent. In the program, we also live up to expectations and bring a variety of wonderful views.

Yi Nengjing is worthy of being sent to Yixue by fans and published a book. In the first program, Yi Nengjing presented the image of golden sentence output machine. She is careful, sensitive and good at talking. Even when she hits CP, she has deeper insight than others. When she ridiculed the different attitudes of the society towards friendship between men and women, she ridiculed plastic sister flowers, scrap iron Brotherhood; when she could not get a response when she interpreted the simple persons unilateral heart, she said that falling in love with a person means giving him the right to hurt himself.

Huang Shengyi is more rational. When she sees that a man is left out by a woman, and a woman is ignored by a man, she yells, in love, whoever is attracted first will lose.. At the same time, her thinking is also very jumping. When she saw Xia Hous Government inserting iron, she immediately said, a boys iron lifting is equal to a girls half way makeup!

Zheng Shuang, an ancient and strange woman, often makes amazing remarks. She has her own unique views on love and her personal performance in love. She confessed that she fell in love as a student in order to be gregarious. She believed that girls would agree to associate because of kindness and compassion. However, like all ordinary viewers, she had to face the collapse of her house when she knocked CP. In the end, I speculated that the girls who believed they would write to each other did not make a choice according to common sense, which was very surprising.

Lets fall in love 2 has aroused the publics curiosity since the official publicity by virtue of their super high appearance. Their different professional experiences and personality characteristics have also made the guests emotions full of suspense. This season, we also set up a wrong time entry mechanism, which gives the guests more possibility of interaction.

However, love is a complex issue, and the hearts of the protagonists are changing at any time. This kind of uncertainty is also the charm of the love reality show. Often the audience think that they stand on the CP really, they will be surprised by the unexpected behavior of ordinary guests. The same is true for love observers. As the program continues to broadcast, the audience will continue to jump between the house collapse and the new CP.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736