I found a job with a monthly salary of 3000 in Shenzhen. Do you want to go? For that, you have to go

 I found a job with a monthly salary of 3000 in Shenzhen. Do you want to go? For that, you have to go

After the failure of pursuit in 2019, the weight and appearance of the first half of 2020 have changed a lot, and people around feel that they have become beautiful.

But now I like the people still dont like me, he thinks our age gap is too big, can not pass the heart of the Kan.

Theres another reason, I dont remember.

Recently, I often forget things. I just took the key from my grandmother. The key is in my hand. I will ask grandma for the key.

Emotions often break out, do not want to communicate with others, like to be alone, always feel like living in their own world.

And I just graduated and my job is not stable.

I found a job, but in Shenzhen, the salary is more than 3000 (including accommodation and food from Monday to Friday). I go to work at the end of August and in September.

At present, we are preparing for the recruitment of public teachers in a city, and there is a lot of competition. 4705 people have applied for the examination, only 204 people have been admitted, and I have only 10 posts.

Im afraid I cant pass the exam, because Ive never been so self-confident. I can do anything my family asked me to do, but I cant do it this time.

Why do people I like dont like me? I feel so sad. Now the job is uncertain.

I really dont like myself now. I cant read books in preparation for exams now. I feel that Im not good at anything.

All these make me break down and suffer a lot.

This feeling has been with me for a long time, but I have been trapped in this mood, can not get out, what should I do?

Cold love reply:

All the anxiety and pain of the girl came from her outlook on life.

Her outlook on life, is a fixed outlook on life, is the pursuit of stability, the pursuit of a successful outcome, so she is very anxious about any change.

For example, the examination of public teachers.

If you take the exam as a success, not as a failure, it will be very painful.

But if we just regard it as a process of growth, it is actually a part of growth to pass the examination and fail to pass the examination.

Another example is that the female owners regard it as worthwhile to have a successful result in Shenzhen.

However, going to Shenzhen has another chance to learn how to get along with the people you like. Isnt it also a kind of growth?

Speaking further, it seems that for this girl, she has a sense of security in her original city, but when she goes to Shenzhen, the uncertainty in Shenzhen has become her trouble.

However, from a different perspective, the original urban development space is limited, and there are unlimited development possibilities in Shenzhen.

So, in the final analysis, it is to find out why this life came.

This girls outlook on life is a kind of self denial outlook on life. She always feels that she is not good here and there and lacks the ability to encourage herself.

God helps those who help themselves.

In life, we should learn to work hard, encourage ourselves, comfort ourselves and help ourselves.

The person you like is in Shenzhen, and you have a job in Shenzhen. Lets go. Dont think about so many uncertainties in Shenzhen. Go ahead and develop.

With the people around me less topic, it is just a change of environment. Maybe it would be a lot to change an environmental topic?

I always like to stay and live in my own world. Maybe this time I go to Shenzhen, I will go out of my own world?

Then maybe the people you like will like you in the future?

Never experienced feelings, that is not a major event, is not unreasonable, in Shenzhen girls, have not experienced feelings of countless.

Come on, come on. They are all from Shenzhen.

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