Chatting record: a love scam that both sides know well is on. Its really out of sight

 Chatting record: a love scam that both sides know well is on. Its really out of sight

After chatting for two or three days on the dating website, he said that he fell in love with me at first sight and so on. He also said that he wanted to get married and so on.

I said it too fast, a little exaggerated. But I thought he was excellent and good-looking. Although I thought it was too fast, I still agreed.

Later, he quickly cohabited under his request. After being together, it was normal and sweet at first.

But when he got busy with his work, he often stayed up all night.

At first, he was very kind to me, but now he doesnt reply because he doesnt go home all night and doesnt talk to me. Im cold to him.

I dont know how to tell him, but I still like him and want to improve the situation.

He had an emotional experience, after a blind date, he quickly confirmed the relationship and then cohabited.

According to him, he broke up more than half a year ago because he was too busy with his work.

Ive had a few short-term relationships, none of them long, and I dont feel confident about intimacy.

I know my condition is OK, that is, I cant find someone else immediately after breaking up with him, but I dont want to be like this.

There is a kind of scam in the world called both sides know it..

The story is very simple. The truth is:

The two men chatted on the dating website for two or three days, fell in love with each other at first sight and lived together.

However, he was embarrassed to directly say that he could only say Im very busy recently and never came back.

This man, in fact, most of them have already made up their minds. If they cant, they will give the little nest to the mistress.

The so-called work is too busy, more than half a year ago because I was too busy to break up are just some of them.

On the contrary, this girl knows that this relationship is not what she imagined. Why is she still here today?

She thinks of a short-term relationship as a long-term relationship, or she has found out that it is a short-term relationship.

But I dont want to admit it. I want to turn it into a long-term relationship. I want to see if we can change short-term to long-term and short-term to long-term.

In a series of operations, she marked the other partys wechat nickname as a boyfriend, and called her brother, husband and baby when she was free.

Can we call this relationship a growing relationship?

It includes asking the other party in the chat record where did you go on a business trip, asking the other party where you live, caring about the other partys no rest for a week, etc.

In the name of concern, they ask for the truth of a long-term relationship, and the other party is not stupid and doesnt accept her words.

This is the whole picture of the relationship.

Seeing this, the girl can certainly occupy a moral commanding height and say: this man is a scum man, that is to cheat a Pao, and then leave after having a relationship. He is just a son of a bitch. He can scold him any way.

We also see on some short video platforms that some girls will take a spray paint, run to the mens home, or spray a scum man on the boys car and run away.

Revenge slag man, vent their anger, these we can understand.

However, here is a great inspiration for women and everyone

If youre not sure whether the other party wants to establish a long-term relationship, make a clear agreement with the other party at the beginning of the relationship. Are you going to have a long-term relationship, or are you just trying?

But if the other party does not say clearly, ambiguous, he is so laissez faire ignore, both sides fall into a fuzzy relationship, it is easy to be dumb.

In the end, both sides may be responsible for the bad situation.

I suggest that all people in a relationship, if they feel that a relationship is vague, ask the other person a question:

What is the relationship between us now? What do you want to do with me?

If there is no result, then the two sides also give a happy word, the most afraid is procrastination, or both sides cheat each other, why?

Time is the most precious resource.

Its better to put your attention and energy into a person who is likely to establish a clear relationship together, and timely stop loss is the kings way.

But we have to face it after all. Its better to find a way to turn the uncertainty into ones own certainty at the beginning, instead of being an ostrich and pretending to know nothing.