Have the whole world, but lost the real love: would you like to have a Xibao?

 Have the whole world, but lost the real love: would you like to have a Xibao?


Xibao is an excellent student. She doesnt need to marry a rich man to change her fate. Her IQ and EQ are all online, and the only drawback is her identity and her family. It is all born with, she can not get rid of, how to get rid of is still there. So, what if you come here? Xibao doesnt take things as they please. If there are some, it will not be brilliant if you give some sunshine. Is xucunzi really a good match for Xibao? Or, when they meet each other, its fate. But its hard to explain if its not true love. If its not love, what is it? I cant go into it. The water is too deep to drown.


Xucunzi has absolute control, and is the absolute controller in this relationship. But shes not another woman. Shes Xibao. Therefore, Xibao has concealed Xu cunzis association with other men. Whether its true love or play. But why does this make Xu Cuns feelings? So he ended it with the cruelest means. And let the man die in front of Xibao. Xibao watched the accident happen. There was nothing she could do to stop or change. Since then, Xibao has no love in her heart. She didnt want to leave xucunzi. She knew she could only spend her life like this. Xu cunzi is also deeply in love with Xibao, otherwise why are so many women in the world?


Is there any problem with Xibaos outlook on life? Ive always wanted a lot of love. If there is no love, a lot of money is good. If neither, Im still healthy. Im not really poor. Didnt she have any other skills? Of course. Top students of world famous universities. Even if you go out to work, you dont have a good company. But Xibao doesnt want to be so tired, or: be able to simply get the material life that they want. Why not? Do you really want to date men in this society? Even if you are fighting for a job with your female compatriots, Xibao will find it extremely boring. You can live without love. Without money, life is not like death.

Secretly ask you: do you want to be the next Xibao? Give you the money, status and status you want to own the whole world. However, there is no love you really want. In the novel Xibao, although she likes the posture of xucunzi - but at the beginning, there is a boy who likes very much. The other side is also very good, unfortunately, died. After that, Xibao never left xucunzi. reason? youll see. Would you like to live such a life? Although it is also happy, others think happiness. Do you think this is the life you want? However, many people should envy Xibao. But, may not hope to become Xibao? However, the right of two evils should be taken lightly, while the right of mutual interests should be more important.


Have the whole world, but lost the real love - I, do not want to be the next Xibao