What is controversial is not the physical examination, but the one size fits all chess players physical examination has already enjoyed preferential treatment

 What is controversial is not the physical examination, but the one size fits all chess players physical examination has already enjoyed preferential treatment

The 2020 National Swimming Championship and the Tokyo Olympic Games standard competition, which is being held in Qingdao, has attracted a lot of attention in the course of questioning and discussion. At the same time, the publics discussion on the rationality of one size fits all has also ushered in a wave of unprecedented warming.

Its useless to be the first one if you dont reach the standard

Wang jianjiahe was the first swimmer in the womens 800m and 1500m freestyle preliminaries, and broke the original Asian record held by herself in the latter preliminaries, but she did not have her share in both finals. Ye Shiwen finished fourth in the womens 400m individual medley preliminaries, but also failed to reach the final. In addition, Fu Yuanhui, who ranked first in the womens 100m backstroke preliminaries, Yu Hexin, who broke the national record in the mens 50m freestyle, sun Jiajun, who ranked first in the mens 100m Butterfly preliminary, and Qin Haiyang, the second fastest swimmer in the mens 100m breaststroke preliminaries They didnt make it to the final.

In the National Swimming Championship and the Tokyo Olympic Games, after the preliminaries of many events, there will be players who should have made it to the final without any suspense, and they will lose their qualification due to their low ranking in physical examination. The reason for this special operation is that, in accordance with the requirements of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China for strengthening physical fitness, the competition stipulates that the top 16 candidates of all events preliminary results will be selected, and the top eight players with physical performance will be selected to enter the final; if the physical performance is the same, they will enter the final according to the swimming performance ranking.

Because of this special regulation, there have been many times in Qingdao, where ordinary students with good physical fitness have squeezed out the excellent students with average physical fitness but better special performance.

Now there is a lot of controversy. Only four days before the competition, the physical test became a hot search, became a stem, but also became the out of circle topic of ordinary people. However, is the issue of strengthening physical training and testing physical performance itself? Peoples eyes are bright, so the targeted discussion around one size fits all has inherited the heat and continued to ferment.

Is it scientific for a swimmer to challenge the 3000 meter race and to run with performance goals? Phelps has publicly said that he is far away from running, and may even trip when he walks carelessly. This is not only a psychological obstacle from water to land, but also the ankles and ligaments of swimmers are very soft due to special training needs. If they are required to participate in long-distance running of land training, they will not only practice hard, but also be prone to injury.

In addition, Su Bingtian, a Chinese flying man, did not appear in the national track and Field Championships before. In addition to the injury explanation later added, in fact, he did not pass the physical test.

Players enjoy preferential treatment in physical examination

Although its a bit of a joke to let chess players take part in the physical test, let alone be subdivided, it may be envious of other athletes. According to the reporters understanding, in addition to participating in the national chess League A athletes have a special standard table, in gymnastics and fencing, the sports team has also adjusted the scoring items and scoring proportion according to the sports characteristics. However, from the overall point of view, more sports teams, more athletes, they are still facing the physical test unified examination paper..

In addition, although in the just concluded national gymnastics championship, a woman vaulting horse was lucky to win the fifth place in the country with amateur action (only five people participated in the final). However, according to people in the gymnastics circle, the sports team has different requirements for the single event focusing on the upper limbs or lower limbs, such as rings and vaulting horses, as well as the body test of all-round athletes. For example, the physical test of rings athletes will focus on upper limb strength, while the special test of all-round athletes will be more comprehensive.

However, sometimes even if the focus has been adjusted, it does not mean that it is a relief for everyone. For example, in the 2019-2020 National Fencing championship, there are only five physical test items. As the number of events is less, the proportion of individual items is actually heavier. In order to achieve the requirement that the full score is still 100 points, three of them will be scored by multiple points. For example, the 3000 meter race, which is known as the most devil, scores three times. For the weak endurance, not good at running or veteran, invisible this has become a more difficult barrier.

The starting point of physical fitness test is to mend the short board

There are often such things in life. It is clear that the starting point of doing things is good, but something goes wrong in the follow-up implementation process, so that the effect is not ideal, and may even cause some misunderstanding and unhappiness.

From various national brand teams to many local teams, they always regard special performance as the top priority. When did they begin to pay so much attention to physical training and physical testing? After sorting out the time clues and combining with the opinions of my colleagues, it is not difficult to find that the key turning point is the notice of the general office of the General Administration of sports on Further Strengthening the basic physical training to make up for the short board of physical fitness, which was issued on February 27 this year. The notice is still on the notice board on the official website of the State Administration of sport. If you are interested, you can take a look.

Throughout the full text of the notice, it is definitely mentioned that physical fitness is the ticket for Tokyo Olympic Games and physical fitness training should be continuously strengthened. Among them, there are relatively clear provisions on the physical test scores and the standard of reaching the standard, determine the basic physical fitness standard of each project, and those who do not meet the standard shall not participate in the Olympic selection. The physical fitness test includes: basic physical fitness test, trunk stability test and balance test of upper and lower limb strength balance and plate physical fitness test. 100 points in each of the three tests, and those with a single score of no less than 75 points and a total score of not less than 240 points are regarded as physical fitness standards At the bottom of the notice page, there is also a link to national team fitness test scoring standards.

The notice contains 2619 Chinese characters without punctuation marks. The reporter did not find the source of the final list through the physical test ranking after the preliminary competition. However, judging from the current situation, the situation similar to final list determination does not occur in the swimming arena in isolation.

At the Nanjing station of the National Fencing championship in 2019-2020 season, the competition order book states: in the competition of 16 into 8, no special competition will be carried out, only physical fitness test will be carried out, and the ranking will be carried out according to the physical performance, the top eight will be given the special competition of 8-4 in individual competition, and the last eight will be ranked according to the physical performance, and no special confrontation will be carried out. As a result, all the champion members of the womens epee team in the 2019 World Championships were excluded from the top eight, among which Sun Yiwen and Lin Sheng stopped as early as the top 16.

Softball events are relatively small in China, so many people may not know that the national Softball Championship is being held in Guizhou. In this field, there is also the situation that the final result is affected by the physical test. The top four teams can participate in the final four, while the teams ranked fifth to eighth in the total score of physical examination can only fight for the fifth to eighth place. For this reason, some contestants have joked, as long as you can get into the top four in the physical test, the worst is the bronze medal.

Zhou Jihong supports physical test: basic physical ability and professional sports performance are both important

The General Administration has held a meeting to discuss the establishment and improvement of the system

When it comes to physical testing, there are also positive examples, that is, the members of the national table tennis team. This years national table tennis championship will be held in Weihai from October 1 to 10. At present, all members of the national table tennis team have passed the pre competition physical examination. Different from the operation that has been questioned in recent swimming, fencing and gymnastics competitions, the practice of the National Table Tennis Championships is to draw out the physical test mark line first, and only those who meet the standard can participate in the competition, and then they will be able to score high and low according to their skills.

They are all in accordance with the notice of the general office of the General Administration of sports on Further Strengthening the basic physical training to make up for the short board of physical fitness. However, different implementation modes have been derived. How will this follow-up develop? It is reported that in view of the concentrated outbreak in the swimming competition, the State Sports Administration has held a meeting yesterday to discuss the sports test related issues.

Zhou Jihong, chairman of China Swimming Association, said in an interview that he strongly supported the physical test after the sports test storm. If China wants to comprehensively impact a higher level of swimming, both basic and special must be combined. Therefore, the purpose of adding basic physical fitness test in the national competition is to make up for the short board of Chinese swimmers, so as to improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world. But at the same time, she also said that she would seriously summarize in order to find a more perfect way. We will seriously summarize the physical training through this competition, and establish a more perfect basic physical training and physical fitness competition system which is suitable for swimming and closely combined with special items.

Zhou Jihongs words, said in full place, in line with the demands of contemporary competitive sports for physical fitness, but also left room for follow-up improvement.

In the final analysis, if an athlete wants to take off in the international arena, his wings are his strong physical foundation and his special ability which are finely polished out. Only when they complement each other can they achieve higher achievements. Therefore, while watching eating melons, we can also look forward to the launch of follow-up measures.