How difficult is this French Open? Nadal make complaints about cotton balls, cotton trousers and red clay

 How difficult is this French Open? Nadal make complaints about cotton balls, cotton trousers and red clay

As for the upper body, a number of male players choose to add a bottom-up shirt inside the T-shirt, while the female contestants have more flower heads. Xiaowei, muguruza, Azarenka and others wear thick coats. Cantavert puts on his sports underwear. Dawei adds a vest to his long sleeves

If you want to ask the players who are most afraid of the cold, the answer may be Azarenka, a Belarusian who lives for a long time. As long as she is not in the game, she will wrap herself into zongzi in a down jacket. After playing for more than 20 minutes with kovini, she was suspended due to the rain. The competition supervisor asked the players to stay on the field and wait. Azagou said, are you kidding? Dont you see whats going on? What the hell are you doing? Im here to play ball. I dont like to be upset, but now its all over the place. I wont wait here because Im freezing to death. Its only eight seconds. I live by my side. Im used to the hot weather

I also asked my opponent what they thought and she told me that she didnt want to sit on the court like this, so I didnt want to waste time there because it was really cold. After consulting the opponents advice, aza went straight away with his bag, and after two hours of continuous drizzle, the ball will become a little heavy. Does this increase the risk of injury to players? The answer, of course, is yes.

It has to be mentioned that the new official ball was used in French Open this year, but the new ball stained with rain made players very uncomfortable. Even Nadal, the absolute champion of French Open and the winner of the 12th championship, said that this year was probably the most difficult time since he participated in the French Open. The weather is really cold, it is very difficult for everyone, and the conditions for playing outdoor games are a little extreme. The speed of the new ball is a little slower than that of previous years. In addition to the current cold weather, the new ball is really too heavy for the players.

After the tragic five sets defeat to the famous Japanese player Jin Zhigui, British first brother Evans fired directly at the ball. Maybe they made some mistakes in the selection of the ball, and it is difficult to find the exact path of the ball. We played in September and October, I think the ball is a little too heavy, and the dog cant pick it up!

Hotbed of cold door comes with the wind

Under the cold and overcast weather conditions, the French Opens hotbed of coldness attribute has also been activated ahead of time. Since the start of the tournament, there have been some bad results every day. Sometimes, three time Grand Slam champion Kobel is defeated by 19-year-old Slovenian young player youwan, No.9 seed konta of womens singles loses 0-2 to 16-year-old Novak gofantun, No.11 seed of mens singles, gofentun egg of mens singles loses to Sina, churicci is defeated by gambos, who ranks 106th, and diminaltun is defeated by chechnado, who is 110th

However, from the other side of the cold can be said to be unexpected, reasonable.. Some of the biggest losers in the rankings came from Medvedev, the No. 4 seed. He had never defeated his terror before losing in the first round. However, in fact, the prime minister has never been good at clay. He has been in the French Open for four consecutive years.

No.9-seeded aliasim 0-8-seed Memphis lost 1-3 to burlick, an unexpected result? Frances famous players in the three races after a game, one win is difficult to find, the state is worrying. 3 lost to Japans Hirohito nishoka? After all, the former won only one victory in the clay incident. Zhang Shuai eliminated the original four, No. 12 seed case, an unexpected result? Chinas golden flower has won three consecutive victories against the Americans.

Different from other players in the cold weather, Zhang Shuai said he enjoyed the competition. Paris in autumn is very beautiful, and its hard to come here. I still enjoy the game very much. I feel so happy and excited when I go to stadium 7. Ive never been so eager to play. This feeling is very special

No. 3 seed Tim continued to perform strongly after winning the U.S. Open, winning 3-0 over cyrilic to advance to the second round. I like the conditions here because I know how to play in such a cold weather. When I started playing hope games as a teenager, the temperature was about 10 seconds to 15 seconds. I like when the ball is not very fast so I have more time to play more returns at my baseline. When I first came here this year, I felt good.

According to the weather forecast, Paris will continue to be rainy for at least the next 10 days. The players who are afraid of the cold can only adjust themselves to adapt and even have to be prepared for the shivering competition.

The French Open Nadal delivers the egg to become 32 strong, wallinka wins the Grand Slam 150 wins, the French Open Deyue first show sends the egg only loses 5 innings to advance with the 7th seed, the French Open first round West sipas 0-2 falls behind the overturn, Russias new star also reversed this article source: Oriental sports daily editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651