17000 yuan! Tencent rewards 10000 employees with a Huawei folding screen mobile phone

 17000 yuan! Tencent rewards 10000 employees with a Huawei folding screen mobile phone

Last year, Huawei launched the first 5g folding screen mobile phone Huawei mate x, which was officially sold out in Huawei stores. On the second-hand trading platform, the price of Huawei mate X was once fried to 100000 yuan or higher, and some users were even willing to increase the price by 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan just to buy mate X.

Tencent has a tradition of giving generous gifts to employees. In January 2018, every employee of Tencents wechat team received a top equipped version of iPhone X.

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Tencent PCGs second anniversary: more than one industry veteran joined

On September 30, Tencent PCG (platform and content business group) held a staff celebration for its second anniversary. On the same day, more than 10000 employees of PCG received a customized version of Huawei matexs5g. On the receiving page, they also said thank you for your teams journey and love freely, like a teenager. It is understood that, since its establishment two years ago, PCG has made great achievements in building the capacity of middle platform reuse, promoting algorithm and data capability, and introducing talents in the industry.

In addition to making specific products, the construction of the reuse capability of China Radio is also the focus of the work. The reason why byte skipping can become appmaker (application manufacturing factory) is also due to the data algorithm and the ability of the middle office. This is what we are strengthening. Tencent is a maker in the PC era, but it needs to be strengthened in the mobile era, a person close to Tencent PCG sued shell Finance and economics.

According to a person familiar with the matter, Ren Yuxin, CEO of Tencent and President of PCG, also has the ability to incubate products, tools and connect with Tencents ecology.

Tencent is building while digging the ground . Some people will question that when people build a 30 storey building, you will start to build it. However, when people have reached 100 floors, why do you only have 10 floors. But we ignore the foundation under the building, there is a gap in technology accumulation Another person close to Tencent PCG explained the importance of China Taiwan construction.

It is understood that PcG has built a number of technology and data platforms, which can be reused in internal products. If necessary, it can also be opened to the outside world, such as the information flow in charge of the watching point, the content media station responsible by Penguin, the video coding and decoding technology of Tencent video, and the labeling ability of micro video.

With the need of technical capacity building, a number of industry technology talents have been introduced into PCG. According to reports from interface news and delay of financial magazine, former vice president of didi travel, Jia Xiaohu, as a new partner, appeared in the event as vice president of Tencent, responsible for the public line of PCG technology, and reported to Zeng Yu, vice president of Tencent, who manages PCG technology and content. Many sources confirmed this matter to the Beijing News shell finance and economics.

Jia Xiaohu graduated from Tsinghua University and Princeton University successively. He joined Google in 2003, then became the global technical director of Google and vice president of Google China Research Institute. He joined xiaohongshu as CTO (chief technical officer) in 2015 and joined didi in 2018.

In addition to Xiao Hu, a number of senior technical talents have joined PCG, including Zhang Lei and Zhang Huayu, engineers in charge of building PCGs middle office business. The former is from Google, and the latter works successively in Facebook, instagram and snapchat; Dong Youchao, deputy director of the micro vision user growth and data team, is from instagram.

On September 30, 2018, Tencent carried out the third major organizational restructuring. The biggest change was the newly established PCG business group. The original mobile Internet business group (MIG), network media business group (OMG) and social network business group (SNG) were broken up and loaded into PCG, and the animation and film business lines of interactive entertainment business group (IEG) were also installed.

According to official data, the number of paid members of Tencents video has exceeded 114 million; the overall daily activity of Tencents information flow service has reached 240 million, with an average daily content consumption of 9.6 billion times; Tencent sports won the exclusive copyright of this seasons Premier League last month. In the short video track, micro vision has been developing in a low-key way. According to shell finance and economics, in the future, micro vision will change its low-key style and start to make a sound to the outside world. It is also speculated that micro vision is more confident in data.

China is ready to launch an antitrust investigation into Google. Ma Yun is no longer a director of Alibaba group. He still has enough control over the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is said that Tesla will promote a new domestic model 3. Source: Netease technology report editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541