Zhang Yufei, a new generation of butterfly queen of China, is a physical pacesetter

 Zhang Yufei, a new generation of butterfly queen of China, is a physical pacesetter

In the womens 100m Butterfly final on the morning of September 30, Zhang Yufei, who represented Jiangsu team, won the gold medal with 56.29 seconds. Although Zhang Yufei has already reached the Olympic a standard, she is not satisfied because her goal is to swim in at least 56 seconds. Its still hard to move in the morning. Its not easy to get excited. Its not as easy to swim as at night. Zhang Yufei is confident in her high standards and strict requirements. In the preliminaries of the previous night, Zhang Yufei swam 55.62 seconds, setting a new Asian record, which broke the Asian record of 56.07 seconds set by Liu Zige in the era of fast swimsuit, and was only 0.14 seconds short of the world record set by Swedens famous general sherstrom. Before the preliminaries, Zhang Yufei was very nervous. The coach told her not to think too weak, to believe in yourself. After receiving the coachs reassurance, Zhang Yufei showed her strength in the competition. The game of the first two days was a good preparation and gave me confidence. This score is beyond my imagination. This is the first national competition since the outbreak. In the past 11 months, I feel that I have improved significantly and cant wait to see how much I can swim.

There is also a national record of womens 100m freestyle written in Zhang Yufeis name. On the evening of September 27, Zhang Yufei also broke the national record of the event with 52.90 seconds in the preliminaries of the event. This achievement increased the national record set by Pang Jiaying in 2009 by 0.23 seconds.

Zhang Yufeis state is needless to say. Zhang Yufei owes her ability to improve her physical fitness to create good results in the minor and main events. Physical fitness is Zhang Yufeis strong point, she is also the national swimming team physical training model. Zhang Yufei scored 45 points (out of 50 points) in the physical fitness test before the competition, ranking first among the top 16 womens 100 meter butterfly preliminaries. The strengthening of physical fitness made Zhang Yufei have a better physical quality, but also promoted her swimming performance. She said that the most obvious manifestation of the strengthening of physical training is in her main event, the 100m Butterfly, and the improvement of the sideline 100m freestyle. Butterfly and freestyle have something in common, and the freestyle has also improved since its physical fitness and speed have come up. Since the winter training, what I have strengthened the most is physical fitness. The most important thing in short distance events is physical fitness. The muscles must be increased. My performance in 100m freestyle is also due to the increase of physical strength

The achievement is not achieved in a day, but behind it is Zhang Yufeis hard training of physical fitness and special projects day after day, and she has achieved fruitful results with her sweat. The intensive physical training for a period of time has subverted Zhang Yufeis previous understanding of physical training and made her feel the sour feeling brought by muscle reaction after training. However, she also benefited from her hard training and solid preparation. In the past, my physical fitness was relatively weak, and I spent a lot of time and energy in special training, so it took me about 4 to 5 months to improve my basic physical fitness to a relatively balanced level. From the beginning, she can only carry 15kg of body weight, and she can do the most standard movements after half a year. Zhang Yufei has made great progress. The most intuitive feeling brought to Zhang Yufei by hard physical training is that the improvement of upper limbs and core strength has an obvious promoting effect on butterfly stroke. The improvement of core strength helps me to better complete the hip lift and control the rhythm of butterfly swimming in the water, swim more smoothly and keep the streamline in the water, which has further improved my special training level. I think the attention and investment in physical training is very helpful to the special performance

When I think about the past failures, I want to sweat more and bear more tiredness on the training ground than crying on the field. I have expectations and requirements for myself, and I will go forward bravely towards my goals. Zhang Yufei, who has experienced a low ebb, knows more about the difficulty of success. She is trying to create her own era.

Source: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651