Is it necessary for sports teams to test their physical fitness with fitness cards?

 Is it necessary for sports teams to test their physical fitness with fitness cards?

Wang jianjiahe finished third in the womens 200m freestyle preliminaries on the evening of the 29th with a time of 1:58.45, but failed to make the final for the third time because of his physical test.

The reason for such deviation from the outside worlds cognition is that the swimming center of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China has issued new regulations on this event, which includes physical fitness competition and swimming competition.

The top 16 players in the preliminaries are ranked according to their physical fitness scores, and the top 8 athletes in the physical competition enter the final. This rule means that only those who meet both the top 8 in physical test and the top 16 in preliminaries can enter the final.

If the physical test score is not in the top 8, you can only accept the result of being eliminated.

In fact, it is not only the swimming event that stands to the C position in this big discussion of physical fitness test, but also in the National Gymnastics Championship held in recent days.

Due to the fact that too many athletes were eliminated because of their physical fitness test, only 5 people (normally 8 people) were left to compete in the final of womens vaulting horse race. As a result, the player who ranked last in the qualification competition was added to the final by virtue of his outstanding performance in the physical fitness test.

This directly led to a great reduction in the competitive level of the final. Some athletes even chose the ultra simple action with the difficulty coefficient of only 2.0, and won the fifth place in the country And such action appears in the finals of the national championship, it is inevitable that there is some embarrassment.

Also in the National Fencing Championship held on the 29th, none of the womens heavyweight team champions of the 2019 World Championships were selected into the top 8, among which Sun Yiwen and Lin Sheng stopped in the top 16 due to their physical fitness test results.

After the match, sun Yiwen wrote on social media that he would practice physical fitness well..

Screenshot of sun Yiwens social media

For these do not conform to the past cognition of things, netizens thoroughly fried pot.

Some netizens said: physical fitness can be a part of performance, but it is too absolute to be the only one that decides life and death. After all, physical fitness is to assist the major, and the major still depends on the results. Physical fitness can affect performance, but we cant use physical fitness to determine performance. There are specialized skills, and the muscles of athletes who train specially are different...

Some netizens also hold a positive attitude, saying that sports and physical fitness are inseparable, and professional things are left to professional people to do.

So, what do professionals think?

In this regard, Chen Xiaoping, a researcher at the Institute of physical education of the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China for a long time, said that physical fitness is an important factor in determining athletes special performance.

These have put forward higher requirements for athletes, especially high-level athletes, for their special strength, endurance and balance ability. Strengthening the basic physical training is of great benefit to the athletes to improve their skills, temper their willpower, maintain their mental state and prevent injuries and diseases Liang Chun said.

However, it can also be seen that her physical development is still not balanced enough, which needs to be further strengthened. Song Kai said: Wang Jian Jiahe is a talented athlete. We have high expectations and high requirements for her. Next, according to the characteristics of the project and individual, we will explore ways to enhance basic physical fitness and special physical fitness.

Photo: physical fitness test for badminton players provided by China Badminton Association

With the National Day period, more and more sports competitions will start one after another. It can be predicted that the discussion on physical fitness test will continue.

It is worth noting that, also on September 29, the national physical fitness training camp base was officially launched. In the future, it will undertake the physical training needs of the national teams in summer and winter, and help each team to train more scientifically and efficiently. Meanwhile, the national high level sports performance coach training camp will be held.