After experiencing the betrayal of feelings, I still believe in love, but no longer believe in human nature

 After experiencing the betrayal of feelings, I still believe in love, but no longer believe in human nature

For those who have experienced emotional betrayal and hurt, it is valuable to finally treat feelings in this way.

Emotional betrayal, the destruction of a persons inner is serious, this is not only hurt the soul so simple, but will completely destroy and crush many things you have always believed in, let you feel that there is really nothing beautiful in this world, there is really nothing to believe in.

Those who suffer from emotional betrayal are usually kind-hearted people. Of course, they have lived for decades by adhering to the simple belief that good is rewarded with good. However, betrayal has seriously impacted their inner belief. They begin to question whether the part of dealing with people they have been adhering to is fundamentally wrong

Pay no return, but bring harm; kindness has no good reward, but encounter bad luck

Once such questioning begins, then the inner will be disordered, not to speak of harmony with the world, even their own internal conflict.

This is the reason why most people who have experienced emotional betrayal will have a great change of heart, because they have not found a way to deal with the world that they think is right.

Many people become indifferent, not because they are indifferent, but because they do not dare to be warm to others; many people become ruthless, not because they are heartless, but because they dare not let themselves be hurt because of their feelings, because they are afraid, just like a clam shell being hurt strongly, it will close themselves, which is just an instinctive self-protection.

Peoples heart is the most vulnerable, vulnerable to injury, and often fatal - there are only three ways to avoid harm, one is to close the heart, the other is to be heartless, and the last is unintentional.

The same is true of feelings. After experiencing emotional injuries, many people are afraid of their feelings and never touch them again in their life. But in fact, their hearts are extremely eager for feelings. Only because they are afraid of being hurt, they have closed their hearts of feelings.

There are also some people who have experienced injury, from soft hearted to hard hearted, and even become indifferent and heartless. They begin to resent their feelings. They think that behind the feelings, there are sinister intentions. The typical one is the crows are as black as the crows in the world. They look at all the people like the extermination of abbess, and they feel that there is no good thing.

The last one is that love and emotion have been deleted from my life. In this life, I will never talk about love and emotion any more. This kind of practice is just like a practitioner who sees through the world and goes into seclusion.

Those who are happy in marriage will of course feel that the world is beautiful and human nature is gentle; and those who have suffered deep-rooted injuries in their feelings will of course feel that the world is dangerous and evil. No one is absolutely right or wrong. This is just a different experience, leading to different conclusions.

So, why do some people still believe in love after experiencing emotional trauma?

This is like another saying we have heard: true heroism is to see the truth of life and still love life..

In fact, the same is true of feelings and human nature. No matter how painful feelings you have experienced, no matter how ugly human nature you have seen, after a short period of adjustment, you can still believe in the beauty of feelings and the gentleness of human nature. This is a standard to measure whether you have come out completely or not.

So, what kind of people can achieve this level?

It must be people who are living well now, and those who are better now than in the past. Only when they have a better life in the present can they reach a settlement with all their past experiences that are unbearable to look back on, can they be relieved and accept that everything is the best arrangement.

Therefore, no matter what we experience in this life, in fact, the only thing we can and should do is to strive to make ourselves better. There is no other way, and there is no other way.