If not, we should get married now

 If not, we should get married now

Those seemingly insignificant words in the circle of friends, who knows what kind of suffering others have gone through in their hearts, and finally cant bear to send out the most true heart.

So I sent him a message, with a short sentence: I still cant forget it, can I?

His reply was also brief: yes, its just that Ive been reluctant to admit it.

I am good at comforting people, but I dont know how to comfort Arvin this time. Just when I thought our chat was over, Arvin sent another message, saying, if we havent separated, we should be married by now.

Yes, if there was no separation, how many people should have been married; if not, there would have been less harm. However, in this world, the vast majority of things are not if.


There is a saying: some people, we leave him in the memory, in order to cherish the memory of their own time through them.

In fact, sometimes we can not tell, in the end is reluctant to give up the person who has left, or reluctant to give up the fearless self for love.

You have always believed that he will be the one who will hand in hand with you for the rest of your life, so you put all your eggs in one basket, you have no reservation, you try to eliminate all obstacles, and look forward to one day to marry him, have children and grow old hand in hand.

So, can only stay in the past, not only that feeling that person, but also once that for love brave and sincere, let you heartache but also let you proud of yourself.


There is a line in the city of love: I think love can fill the regrets of life. However, it is love that makes more regrets.

Those who said never to separate people, so each safety horizon, no longer related. The mouth said no regret, in fact, the heart has been bitter.

Sometimes I cant help thinking, if we were all a little more mature, we would not have separated; if we had been more rational, we might be able to deal with these contradictions better, so that we would not fall in love and end up in a bad mood.

Wait for a long time later to look back, you finally admit that you are still in love, the wound is not healed.

Holding the regret and regret of the last love, the reluctant to give up the person who once loved, and the memory of the person who once loved. Therefore, it is difficult for you to put down for a long time, and it is difficult to start again. Even if you start again, you dare not love with force.

I know you are protecting yourself, but if you do business, your shop will collapse. The evil customers who never come back get the best service, but the new customers come to visit, but they are ignored. Why doesnt this shop collapse?

No matter how reluctant, miss is missed. Maybe a long time later, when you think of that person, you will still secretly red eyes, but in fact, you also know that you will never have any extravagant hope for your future.

Some people, miss is a lifetime. No matter how much time you spend later, you cant change back to the past. The important thing is that if you cant let go of the past, you cant live well in the present. Is this life really happy?


Love is a very low success rate of things, but this does not prevent countless people to strive for.

Its not terrible to fall in love. Whats terrible is that you punish yourself for the rest of your life for an irreparable past.

In fact, I always believe that since some people miss, it is doomed that they do not belong to you. Appreciate that he has come to your life, appreciate that he has let you experience the sweetness and pain of love, also appreciate his leaving to let you grow up, and then set off again.