I refuse such a double label

 I refuse such a double label

The aunt glared at her daughter angrily, raised her head and said to me, look at you, silly sister. Its all women who wear green hats for men. How can men wear green hats for women?

Yes, its like a mans special right to be put on a green hat. Thinking of this, my mind automatically came out of Aunt Xues domineering expression bag: I gave Lu Zhenhua a green hat!

Male chauvinism is really an interesting thing. Even a unique dress like green hat should be grasped tightly.

In fact, when a wife is cheating, the first thing people sympathize with and make fun of is her husbands dignity. When her husband is cheating, her wifes dignity is often no longer taken into consideration. It seems that they have no dignity worth caring about. As long as they have not been driven out of the house, they should muddle along.

It is a shame for a man to cheat on his wife, but it is common for a husband to cheat. A sentence all men are like this can be easily smoothed out, and no one will fight for his wifes dignity.

In the gender of the double label dog, this move has always played skillfully.

Gu Hongming, a modern literati, once advocated polygamy. He has a wonderful metaphor widely spread: men are like teapots, women are like teacups, and a teapot should be equipped with several teacups! How can a teacup match several teapots? The implication is that it is OK for a man to find several women to share the rain and dew. If a woman commits herself to more than one man, it is immoral.

Mr. Gus remarks in the Republic of China are not subtle, which makes people laugh and applaud the case. After all, women at that time were mostly attached to men like teacups attached to teapots. In todays era, if there are people who are fond of such metaphors, it is really time to reflect.


My friends uncle, his wife died for a year or two, has been single, enthusiastic people want to introduce a wife to him, the same age, but also lonely, they should be able to get together, somehow old, have a mutual care.

My friend and uncle are very happy, but still have doubts: what is her condition, has not been married, or left?

The matchmaker quickly said, no, no, dont worry. There, widowed, absolutely clean.

What is quiet? My friend and uncle are not clean after hearing this: what, dead husbands? widow? How unlucky, and introduce it to me?

The matchmaker whispered: where bad luck, you are not the death of your wife.

Can that be the same? Im a man and shes a woman. Can it be the same?

Its not the same.

In ancient times, there is a special saying for women who have lost their husbands, which is called Kefu. As for the wife killer, I really seldom heard of such a statement, except for those who killed seven or eight wives at the beginning of White Deer Plain.

Woman dead, husband, Kefu! Man died, wife, string! Such feudal residues were more serious than pesticide residues. After hundreds of years of erosion, there will still be men who lose their wives and look down upon women who have lost their husbands.

This kind of teapot style cleanliness habit, in essence, is to womens contempt.

Before that, I was a free and easy boss. But there are also many people behind the back that she is not a good woman.

One of the most powerful evidence is that she actually let her husband resign and become a father at home. She made her own appearance in public. She inspected and held meetings here and there. She was a servant all the way.

Female supervisors sometimes share the warmth between themselves and their children in the circle of friends. Several female colleagues applauded, and immediately gathered together to discuss: there is also such a mother, holding so many times all day long, so as to show off.

Among the people who talked about it, one of them was also a mother. She often basks her baby in the circle of friends. From time to time, she would write words like my husband comes back from business trip, and my baby is so happy, with a picture of a man holding his child.

Oh, a woman deserves to give up her career. Its time for a man to hold a child for a while. If things go the other way, they cant take it.

In fact, I admire the man who is a father at home. I cant understand those fussy double label dogs. When people explore their own optimal family model, what do you care about.

Some people argue that women are naturally maternal, gentle and delicate, and more suitable for staying at home with their babies. Therefore, there are such common family patterns as mom is Superman and where is Dad going. This is evolutionism, natural selection and human relations.


I said that womens rights are equal rights. Straight man cancer immediately accepted back: well, men cheat, not reliable, women also want equality, also want to cheat, also not reliable, our world is not bad enough?

However, the world I want is definitely not a world where women wear green hats for men and men wear green hats for women.

But want both men and women, can be aware of infidelity, betrayal, such things, to each others harm!

Just like a joke said, the husband came home day and night, the wife was very angry, ordered: you dare not come back more than 10 oclock at night, I will lock the door, let you not come in!

My husband didnt think so, so he didnt come back all night.

Someone gave his wife advice, so his wife changed his strategy: if you dont come back after 10 oclock at night, I will not lock the door and sleep with the door open!

My husband was flustered and went home on time from now on!

If men feel that the world is bad enough, we should start with compulsory education for men. Women really have no obligation to bear humiliation for world peace.

Perhaps when men realize that women can pursue freedom and dignity just like they do, they dont dare to be too presumptuous.