Embarrassed! A Mexican woman Congresswoman in a video conference

 Embarrassed! A Mexican woman Congresswoman in a video conference

According to the Mexican newspaper El universal, Jorge, a member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, released a video of the video conference on her social media. She named a female member of the national rejuvenation movement Party (NRM), who used photos instead of herself during the meeting, pretending to be in a meeting.

I thought you were listening very carefully, but I didnt think it was a picture, he wrote In response, some Mexican netizens were angry, how shameful it is to think its smart! Lack of professionalism is a bad example, so they make more money than us, thats why our country is not moving forward, there are a lot of lazy people pretending to be working.. Some netizens also thought it funny that councillors are brave enough and the effect is very real, (female councillors) have realized many peoples dreams. (aizada)

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