Xi Jinping presided over the Forum on education, culture, health and sports

 Xi Jinping presided over the Forum on education, culture, health and sports

At the symposium, Cheng Jianping, Secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Normal University, hao ping, President of Peking University, Feng Jicai, President of Tianjin University, Feng Jicai, director of the Institute of archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chen Xingcan; Meng Guanglu, vice chairman of the China Federation of literary and art circles, vice chairman of the Art Committee of Tianjin Youth Beijing Opera Troupe, vice chairman of the China Federation of literary and art circles, and Shanghai Drama Art Center Ten experts and representatives in the fields of education, culture, health and sports, including Xi Meijuan, the first-class actor in the heart; fan Dean, President of the Central Academy of fine arts; Lu Jiang, Secretary of the Party committee of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention; Qiao Jie, executive deputy director of the medical department of Peking University and President of the Third Hospital of Peking University; Bao Mingxiao, executive director of the China Institute of sports policy, Beijing Sport University It also puts forward suggestions on the overall development of health education, such as the inheritance, innovation and development of health education team. Xi Jinping thoroughly communicated with each speaker, asked about the situation, listened to comments and comments on some work and problems, and the atmosphere was lively and lively.

After listening carefully to the speeches, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech. He said that all the participants made good speeches and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. Other experts and representatives attending the meeting submitted written speeches for the relevant parties to study and absorb.

Xi Jinping pointed out that education is a major plan for the country and a major plan for the party. During the period of the 14th five year plan, we should comprehensively implement the partys educational policy from the overall development of the party and the state, adhere to the priority development of education, persist in educating people for the party and the country, strive to run education satisfactory to the people, and train new people of the times to undertake the great task of national rejuvenation in the new process of accelerating the modernization of education. We should adhere to the socialist orientation of running schools, take moral education as the fundamental task of education, give full play to the important role of education in cultivating and practicing socialist core values, deepen the reform and innovation of Ideological and political theory courses in schools, strengthen and improve physical education and aesthetic education in schools, extensively carry out labor education, develop quality education, promote educational equity, and promote the all-round development of students morality, intelligence, physique and beauty To cultivate students patriotism, social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability. It is necessary to optimize the education structure, discipline structure and personnel training structure in line with the new development pattern, and improve the promotion mechanism of lifelong learning for all. Chinas colleges and universities should shoulder the heavy burden, focus on the national strategic needs, aim at the key core technologies, and speed up technological research. We should base on the regional development strategy of serving the country, optimize the allocation of regional education resources, accelerate the formation of a spatial pattern of education development that combines point, line and surface, and echoes the eastern, western, and western regions, so as to improve the strategic level of education service regional development. We should comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform in the field of education and enhance the systematicness, integrity and coordination of the reform.

Xi Jinping stressed that Chinas socialism with Chinese characteristics is a great cause of all-round development and all-round progress. Without socialist culture, there will be no socialist modernization. We should strengthen cultural self-confidence, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, inherit the revolutionary culture, develop the advanced socialist culture, and constantly create a new glory of Chinese culture and build a socialist cultural power. To promote the overall layout of five in one and four comprehensives in coordination, culture is an important content; to promote high-quality development, culture is an important fulcrum; to meet the peoples growing needs for a better life, culture is an important factor; to overcome various risks and challenges on the way forward, culture is an important source of strength. We should put cultural construction in a prominent position in the overall work, adhere to the socialist core values to guide cultural construction, strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, prosper and develop cultural undertakings and cultural industries, improve the level of social civilization, and play the role of culture in leading fashion, educating people, serving the society and promoting development. We should promote the normalization and institutionalization of education in ideals and beliefs, strengthen the education in the history of the party, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of socialist development, strengthen the education of patriotism, collectivism and socialism, guide people to strengthen their self-confidence in the road, theory, system and culture, and promote the ideological and spiritual unity of all the people.

Xi Jinping pointed out that peoples health is the foundation of social civilization and progress, an important symbol of national prosperity and national prosperity and strength, as well as the common pursuit of the broad masses of the people. We should stand on the overall situation, take a long-term view, focus on the old problems and new challenges, and come up with practical and hard measures to comprehensively promote the construction of a healthy China. We should give priority to peoples health in the strategic position of development, strive to ensure peoples health in an all-round and all-round way, accelerate the establishment and improvement of institutional system, guarantee public health safety, and accelerate the formation of a healthy lifestyle, mode of production, economic and social development and governance mode, so as to achieve healthy and coordinated development of economy and society. We should unswervingly implement the principle of putting prevention first, adhere to the combination of prevention and control, joint prevention and control, and mass prevention and control, establish a stable public health investment mechanism, and intensify the reform of disease prevention and control system. We should focus on major diseases and major problems that affect peoples health, accelerate the implementation of healthy China action, carry out patriotic health campaign in depth, improve the national health promotion policy, innovate social mobilization mechanism, improve the health education system, prevent and control major diseases from the source, and realize the shift from treating diseases as the center to health as the center. We should adhere to the public welfare nature of basic medical and health undertakings, speed up the expansion of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced distribution, so that the masses of the people can enjoy fair, accessible, systematic and continuous health services such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion. We should vigorously carry forward the great spirit of anti epidemic, conscientiously summarize the experience and model of epidemic prevention and control, and solidify it in the form of system. It is necessary to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, improve Chinas response mechanism for major international public health emergencies, fulfill international obligations, play the role of the worlds largest supplier of anti epidemic materials, and promote the construction of a human health community.

Xi Jinping stressed that sports is an important way to improve peoples health and an important means to satisfy peoples yearning for a better life and promote the all-round development of human beings. During the period of the 14th five year plan, we should scientifically study and judge the new situation of sports development, adhere to the problem orientation, focus on key areas and key links, deepen reform and innovation, and constantly create a new situation of sports development. We should closely focus on meeting the needs of the people and build a higher level of public service system for national fitness. It is necessary to push forward the health barrier and establish a new mode of sports promotion with the cooperation of sports and health departments and the participation of the whole society. We should adhere to the education concept of health first, strengthen school physical education, and promote the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise. We should promote the high-quality development of sports industry and constantly meet the demand of sports consumption. We should speed up the pace of sports reform and innovation, and inject new vitality and impetus into the development of Chinas sports. It is necessary to innovate the training, selection, incentive and guarantee mechanism of competitive sports talents and the management system of the national team. We should resolutely promote the fight against doping, strengthen the awareness of winning moral gold medals, style gold medals and clean gold medals, and resolutely achieve zero occurrence and zero tolerance of doping problems. It is necessary to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games with high quality, so as to achieve the goal of hosting the Games brilliantly and competing brilliantly.

Ding Xuexiang, sun Chunlan, Chen Xi, Huang Kunming, Xiao Jie and he Lifeng attended the forum.

Responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the party, government and army of the Central Committee, experts and representatives from the fields of education, culture, health and sports attended the forum.