Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the general debate of the seventy-fifth United Nations General Assembly

 Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the general debate of the seventy-fifth United Nations General Assembly

Xi Jinping pointed out that this year is the 75th anniversary victory of the world anti fascist war and the 75th anniversary of the United Nations establishment. It is of great significance for the United Nations to solemnly hold a Commemorative Summit to bear in mind the historical experience and lessons of the world anti fascist war and to renew its firm commitment to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

Xi Jinping pointed out that novel coronavirus pneumonia is being fought against the new human race. People from all over the world have been watching and helping each other, showing the courage, determination and love of mankind in the face of major disasters, and illuminating the dark moment. The epidemic will eventually be defeated by mankind, and the victory will belong to the people of the world!

Xi Jinping pointed out that 75 years ago, China made a historic contribution to winning the worlds anti fascist war and supported the establishment of the United Nations. Today, with the same spirit of responsibility, China is actively engaged in international anti epidemic cooperation and contributing to the maintenance of global public health security. China will continue to share experience and diagnosis and treatment technologies with other countries, provide support and help to countries in need, ensure the stability of the global supply chain of anti epidemic materials, and actively participate in global scientific research on the source and transmission of the virus. A number of vaccines have entered phase III clinical trials in China, and will be provided to developing countries as global public goods after R & D and put into use. China will implement its two-year commitment to provide us $2 billion in international assistance, deepen international cooperation in agriculture, poverty reduction, education, women and children, and climate change, so as to help countries recover and develop their economies and societies.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the history of human social development is a history that constantly challenges all kinds of challenges and difficulties. The global epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia and the great changes in the world have not been affected by each other. But the theme of peace and development has not changed. The expectations of people of all countries for peaceful development, cooperation and win-win are stronger. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic will not be the last crisis facing mankind. We must make preparations for more global challenges.

First, the epidemic has taught us that we live in an interconnected global village. All countries are closely linked, and the fate of mankind is shared. No country can profit from the difficulties of other countries and gain stability from the turbulence of other countries. If we regard our neighbor as a beggar, we will sooner or later turn the threat of other countries into our own challenges. We should foster a sense of community of common destiny, jump out of small circles and zero sum game thinking, establish the concept of big family and win-win cooperation, abandon ideological disputes, cross the trap of civilization conflict, and respect each others development path and mode independently chosen by all countries, so as to make world diversity an inexhaustible driving force for human social progress and a colorful natural form of human civilization State.

Second, the epidemic has revealed that economic globalization is an objective reality and a historical trend. In the face of economic globalization, it is against the law of history to bury ones head in the sand like an ostrich, to pretend to be blind, or to resist with a spear like Don Quixote. The world cannot return to a state of isolation from each other, let alone be separated artificially. We can not avoid the challenges brought about by economic globalization. We must face the major problems such as the gap between the rich and the poor, the gap between development and so on. We should properly handle the relationship between the government and the market, between equity and efficiency, between growth and distribution, between technology and employment, so that development is balanced and sufficient, and that the fruits of development can benefit different people in different countries and at different levels. We should uphold the concept of openness and inclusiveness, unswervingly build an open world economy, maintain the multilateral trading system based on the world trade organization, take a clear stand against unilateralism and protectionism, and maintain the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain supply chain.

Third, the epidemic has revealed to us that human beings need a self revolution, accelerate the formation of green development and lifestyle, and build ecological civilization and a beautiful earth. Human beings can no longer ignore the warnings of nature again and again, and follow the old road of only paying attention to obtaining, not investment, development and protection, and only paying attention to utilization and not to repair. The Paris Agreement on climate change represents the general direction of global green and low-carbon transformation, and is the minimum action to be taken to protect the earths homeland. All countries must take decisive steps. China will enhance its national independent contribution, adopt more effective policies and measures, strive to reach its peak by 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. All countries should establish a new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, seize the historic opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, promote the green recovery of the world economy after the epidemic, and gather a strong joint force for sustainable development.

Xi Jinping stressed that since this year, the 1 billion 400 million Chinese people have been fearless and in unison to overcome the impact of the epidemic and accelerate the restoration of production and living order. We are confident that we will build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way as scheduled, lift all the rural poor out of poverty as scheduled, and achieve the poverty reduction goal of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development 10 years ahead of schedule.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is the largest developing country in the world and China is taking the road of peaceful development, open development, cooperative development and common development. China will never seek hegemony, expand or seek sphere of influence. It has no intention of fighting a hot cold war with any country. It insists on bridging differences through dialogue and resolving disputes through negotiation. China will not seek to be the best, win or lose, or operate closed doors. It will gradually form a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. It will open up space for Chinas economic development and add impetus to the recovery and growth of the world economy. China will continue to be a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order.

Chinas China will China support Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia global humanitarian response plan, which will provide a 50 million dollar support to the global humanitarian response plan of the United Nations, the Xi Jinping administration will set up a 50 million phase United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Trust Fund for South South cooperation. The United Nations peace and development fund will be postponed for 5 years in 2025, the Chinese government will set up a trust fund for South Africa cooperation. The United Nations will also be set up to expand its role in the worlds humanitarian response plan. China will establish the United Nations global geographic information knowledge and innovation center and the International Research Center for sustainable development big data to provide new assistance for the implementation of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Xi Jinping finally stressed that the baton of history has been handed to our generation, and we must make a choice that is worthy of the people and worthy of history. Let us unite to uphold the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom, promote the construction of a new type of international relations, promote the construction of a community of shared destiny for mankind, and jointly create a better future for the world!