Dont learn from angelababys view of fertility

 Dont learn from angelababys view of fertility

Some people say that netizens are too worried, while others think Jay Chou is too pretentious.

I feel that they are just based on their own situation,

As far as Jay Chou is concerned, a single family house, as long as his family wishes,

Playing the piano until dawn doesnt disturb anyone.

But for us ordinary people, we all have neighbors.

After 10 oclock in the evening, it is polite and even more responsible not to make high decibel noise.

On the front page of my diary, there is always a sentence:

If you dont give advice casually, its the best advice.

People often ask me: how to balance life and work?

I have never been able to give standard answers..

There are seven billion people on this earth, and there are seven billion ways of life.

Experience is different, experience is different.

Everyones life experience is hard for others to reproduce.

Some time ago, angelababys view of fertility caused controversy

I dont think it needs too much preparation to have a baby.

If you find the right person, you can have a baby

Many people can only sigh:

Oh, the idea of the rich.

When I brush my circle of friends, I happen to see a girl discussing with her friends

But since their marriage, they have been living in rental housing;

After work on weekdays, there is little time for cooking.

No environment, no time, what to take care of the children?

For ordinary children, we really think more about reality

The parents in the birth gate dare not say that they are born.

I was most impressed by one scene:

The fathers face was sad

We have already shouldered a heavy burden, but we have more responsibilities.

Sad and helpless.

This father is right, and angelababy is nothing wrong,

After all, they are not people of the same world.

When I was the happiest, I got 91 yuan a month as a rural teacher.

Its no fun to be like me. Ill be happy if I make a million dollars a year.

Ma Yun provides the pressure of jobs for thousands of people,

And ordinary people worry about the monthly rent,

No matter how high or low, they cant communicate with each other.

People are often eager to share the experience of successful people.

But seriously, most of them just listen,

Almost no sentence can be applied to ordinary us.

Even if we live a normal life now, it is beyond the reach of many people.

600 million people, with a monthly income of only 1000 yuan;

There are even more than 500 million women in the world,

A while ago, bulk sanitary napkin news, caused a hot discussion on the network.

Some people dont understand:

What cant be bought with less milk tea?

People who can say this are not poor, so they dont understand.

People who cant afford sanitary napkins have never drunk milk tea.

At the beginning of the year, when the epidemic broke out, some migrant workers,

Although Wuhan is no colder than the north,

But thats also the degree of freezing hands and feet when standing outdoors for an hour.

Where is there work to do? Where can I make money?

Handyman, worried about their next days meal money;

Ordinary office workers try their best to keep their existing jobs;

At that time, everyone understood each other,

Li Baomin, a Shandong driver who chews pancakes and drives a truck, delivers green onions to areas with severe epidemic situation,

Lin Shengbin, who lost his wife and a son and a daughter, donated 5000 masks,

An old man in Chongqing donated money. She didnt even know where Wuhan was,

Because I was helped in Wenchuan earthquake.

The world is full of state, no matter rich or poor;

It has nothing to do with gender, regardless of age;

They are compassionate because they know.

Also used when asked to give advice:

I dont dare to suggest, because Im not you.

When I grew up, I found that:

Only when the children have the same taste, can they repel each other,

Maturity is not to know more, but to be able to accept differences.

But when youre in that position, you understand.

I suggest that I dont have it. There is a secret of happiness:

Its not necessary to transform the shortcomings of comparison into your own pressure,

Not to take other peoples ruler, measure their own life.

Light up watching to remind yourself:

No matter how different the world is, it will be brilliant,

Please enjoy your life now.