Answer to questions such as some people say that women are naturally sensitive and lack of security

 Answer to questions such as some people say that women are naturally sensitive and lack of security

Q: sometimes I feel that my thoughts are despicable, but in the real situation, I dont even want to say a word of abuse, so I often tangle

A: so, how do you feel about the sometimes despicable thought? Is it pleasant or uncomfortable? Or calm, indifferent, or something else? About the vent of swearing, do you not want to, or dare not? If you dont want to, why bother? If not, is it related to your feelings and feelings of depression? To remove the entanglement, we should first clarify the origin of the tangle, and then (only) have a way.

Q: thats it. There are such people who are very concerned about every sentence that others say, and even analyze the meaning of these words and distort their meaning. However, he insisted that he was right, and it was useless to persuade him. Finally, we had nothing to say to him. What should we do?

A: since you understand that he is a stubborn person who cant be persuaded, what is the purpose of your insistence on persuading him? We can know whether he thinks he has problems because he cares too much about and analyzes other peoples opinions. If so, you can help him by persuading him to accept professional psychological analysis.

Q: some people say that women are naturally sensitive and insecure! How do you understand this?

A: some people say that women are naturally keen, dependent and secure. Some people say that men and women are naturally sensitive and lack of security, but women are more sensitive and insecure on the surface, and men are more depressed. I agree with the latter, whose theoretical basis is difficult to explain here.

Q: Thank you for your opinion, ha ha! In fact, if more women are busy realizing their own self-worth and not just around their families, they may not be so sensitive and have a sense of security!!

A: well said.

A: everyone has a certain degree of inferiority, because everyone is a social person and has the self-esteem needs of being recognized, loved and accepted. Whether a person has reasonably met these needs from his childhood determines whether he is confident or inferiority complex. Therefore, from the perspective of individual psychological nature, the root of inferiority is self-esteem contusion.

Q: actually, I dont fully understand. According to you, the root of inferiority lies in the contusion of self-esteem. I think I am. Since childhood, only by learning to win the teachers affirmation, other so-called recognition and acceptance are very few. My question now is, if my self-esteem was bruised when I was a child, how should I make up for my inferiority in decades to come? Mr. bear, dont say youre going to have a slow diagnosis..

A: as long as you start now and are learning to do what you like to do, you feel confident and your life is happy and comfortable. Why do you have to make up for the past decades? As long as you start now, in the realization of their own needs, that is not the object of my diagnosis and treatment..

Q: Well, thank you very much, teacher. A man has tears, but I feel like crying every time I see your earnest instructions. However, I may still have a lot of insufficient work and limited knowledge. Ill be at the door some other day!!

A: welcome to visit!

Q: what does eye tell you? Whats the reason for not looking at each other?

A: eyes are the symbol of opinion (self-esteem image). There are many reasons for fear of looking, and they vary from person to person.

Q: how to make yourself not sensitive and suspicious?

A: first allow yourself to be sensitive, and then use the benefits of sensitivity, such as making people sharp and alert. Do not doubt, first allow to question their own ability, and then make efforts to supplement the lack of ability. If you have the ability to be proud of, you will definitely have trust in yourself and others.

Q: Im confused now. I dont like my present job. I quit and I dont know what to do? I feel like Im wasting my time every day

A: Well, your first task is to think about it. What kind of work do you like to do? After thinking about it, I will decide whether to resign or not.

Q: I dont know what kind of work I will do after I quit my job

Q: how can an extremely impulsive person become cultured?

Q: is it all desire?!

Q: why is it so hard to forget someone???

A: the person who wants to forget but cant forget in his consciousness means that he or she subconsciously wants to remember deeply. Once the emotion, who left a deep love or deep hatred, will be unforgettable. Forgetting means that you want to love or have not let go of hate; forgetting means putting down or remembering without hate.