Trump said an executive order could be signed to prevent Biden from participating in the November election

 Trump said an executive order could be signed to prevent Biden from participating in the November election

Trump has repeatedly admitted that Bidens sleepy state of mind is not suitable for the presidency of the United States. At the rally on the 19th, trump said bluntly: you cant make this man (Biden) president. Maybe Ill sign an executive order that you cant elect him president.

Trump has reiterated his claim that he and Biden should be tested for drugs before taking part in the upcoming presidential debate.

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In early September, trump attacked the US medias differential treatment of him and Biden, saying that the questions the media put to Biden should have been asked of children.. He said that in sharp contrast to the medias moderate attitude towards Biden, he encountered a series of troubles or complex problems raised by the media, which was a shame for the media.

Trump said he would never see him again if he was defeated. Biden: Im sure

On the bar again! U.S. President trump told supporters at a campaign rally on the 19th local time that if he lost to Biden, you will never see me again.. That night, Democratic presidential candidate Biden tweeted and said, Im Biden, and I approve this news.

Trump held a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on the 19th, and said to his supporters, if I lose to him (Biden), I dont know what to do - Ill never talk to you again, youll never see me again.

That night, Biden made a video of Trumps speech on his own twitter. At the end of the video, Biden attached a photo of himself and voiced, Im Joe Biden, and I approved this message.

According to the us today and other US media reports, trump continued his usual style of storming Biden at the election rally on the 19th. He not only criticized Biden as the worst candidate in history, but jokingly said he might sign an executive order that Biden will not be president..

We can joke, we can play games, we can have fun. But you cant make this man your president. Trump said, you cant - maybe Ill sign an executive order, you cant make him your president.

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