How important is it to be with a boy who can show affection

 How important is it to be with a boy who can show affection

At that time, a friend asked Xu ran, why did he delete it after sending it? Xu ran sighed and said, its all she forced me to do. I dont like to bring my emotional life into the circle of friends. Its not necessary to show love to others. If you show too much, it will make people feel affectable and boring. But if you dont show it, she is angry and has to spend time to coax her, so there is no way to perfunctory.

Forcing his boyfriend to show his love in the circle of friends is obviously not long-term, and soon he broke up with his girlfriend who forced him to show love.


Later, Xu ran met Qi Qi.

When they first dated, it was winter. Xu ran wanted to take Qi Qi to a Japanese food store for dinner, but when he got there, the clerk said there were too many people and they had to wait in line for an hour to get their turn. On July 7, she took Xu ran away, saying that she knew a shop, which was very delicious and did not need to queue up. It was also very romantic.

So on July 7, she dragged Xu ran to a roadside hot string stall at the gate of her school. Xu ran saw a group of people around a row of hot strings on the stove, eating and chatting. The steaming steam and exhaled breath blended together, which was quite beautiful. But Xu ran still asked about Qiqi, are you sure you are eating here?

Seven seven while pushing Xu ran sitting in the crowd, while greeting the boss, boss, boss, we two. Like a child, he said with a happy smile, this is really delicious. I dont bring him to most people. Their basic materials are made by secret. They are unique in Beijing. You must like it.

After a while, the base material came up, and Qiqi was eating like a baby, and his mouth was full of oil. So was Xu ran. It was the first time that he felt that the roadside stall could eat so happily.

That night, Xu ran in the circle of friends sent a photo of his seven seven mouth full of oil, with the text pictures with you are very cute. In fact, where is the seven seven lovely ah, just like a person, her appearance in your eyes are good-looking.

The boy in the circle of friends, who never shows affection, suddenly shows his girlfriend. Its really gratifying to see him.


Xu ran showed his love in the circle of friends, which made many people curious. How could the little prince of the nightclub go to the night market with the girl and eat the roadside stall?

Even Xu ran himself felt some incredible, what suddenly changed him? But every time he thought about these questions and looked at the girl who blinked her eyes and yelled to eat instant noodles, he suddenly felt a sense of contentment.

Xu Ran has many predecessors, but those girls like it too directly. I like your money, I like the bag you sent me, I like your handsome face, and I like you to pay for my card.

Therefore, the reason why Xu ran didnt show her love before is that she didnt like her predecessors enough. If she really likes a person, she cant hide it. Everyone has a heart to show off. She wants to let everyone know that this is my love, and hiding is just leaving a way back for myself.

Later, on the graduation day of July 7, Xu ran proposed to July 7 in a high-profile manner at the graduation ceremony of July 7. The next day, he took Qiqi to take wedding photos, and showed it in a high-profile way in the circle of friends, as if to announce to the world that this is my favorite person.

There is no boy friend in the world who cant show his love. Its just that someone hasnt loved enough to make him want to show off.

In a relationship, if the boy shows love, it is really enviable.

Of course, there are also some men who are not willing to show their love in the circle of friends, perhaps because of their personality and the nature of their work. However, as long as they love and pet you in life, they really love you.

Therefore, lighting up watching, I hope you can find a person who is willing to show love with you, because it will make you full of security, will cherish and understand each others good, also reflects the degree of his love for you, so that your love will be more long.