14.41 million project payment in arrears? Mango TV: the other partys repeated serious breach of contract

 14.41 million project payment in arrears? Mango TV: the other partys repeated serious breach of contract

Netease Entertainment reported on September 22 that on September 22, the official micro of secret room escape issued a statement in response to the arrears of ten million project funds for the secret escape building. The program team said that it had indeed reached a cooperative relationship with prot deuterium tritium company, but the company had seriously violated the contract in the offline Live Experience Hall of cooperative secret escape for many times, and has now terminated its cooperation and filed a lawsuit with the court.

Previously, a blogger who claimed to be the operation manager of the secret escape building complained that the program team of escape from the secret room and mango TV were in arrears of 14.41 million yuan in project payment, and the micro blog was positioned as Guangzhou Mi escape building. The blogger said that he was the boss of a Guangzhou start-up company, whose name was Zhang Zhe. Because he always liked to escape from the secret room, he took out the savings he had worked hard for many years and raised 20 million funds with his friends to establish the secret escape building project. At the beginning of 2020, Zhang Zhe signed a contract with mango TV to create the offline entertainment project of secret escape building, and was responsible for the scene construction of the second season of escape from the secret room.

However, so far, Zhang Zhe has only received 1.49 million yuan from Mango TV project, and 14.41 million yuan has not been received. In order to prove its authenticity, Zhang Zhe also revealed the original contract signed with mango TV. Zhang Zhe said that after three months of cooperation with mango TV, Zhang Zhe was unable to pay the downstream suppliers because the other party had not paid.

Zhang Zhe also said that mango TV officials had used improper means to force themselves to pay suppliers. As a result, the secret escape building project could not be carried out normally, and Zhang Zhe was also collected by many suppliers.

It is reported that the Secret Room Escape 2 program group once caused controversy over the malicious editing issue. The program deliberately creates an atmosphere of disharmony between Deng Lun and Yang Mi in the editing, highlighting the effect of Deng Lun calls Yang Mi stupid and Yang Mis broken mouth, which arouses the dissatisfaction of Yang Mi and Deng Luns fans. Finally, the program group calmed down the dispute through an official blog apology.

Before that, the official fan group of Yang Mi once wrote that it was suddenly found that the footage of Yang Mis regular interview with plus in the latest issue of the program was deleted without any notice. This is not only a damage to the reasonable rights and interests of Ms. Yang Mi, but also a disrespect to her! And the incident in the subsequent short period of time in different platforms for public opinion fermentation, and then appeared a large number of false information, Yang Mis image caused a serious bad impact

Secret escape program group responds to the recommendation of arrears of project payment official micro response to Yang Mis fans demands to reconsider every shot source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

Secret escape program team responds to project payment arrears