Live broadcast of underage sexual abuse by men: Girls calling testing virgins crying

 Live broadcast of underage sexual abuse by men: Girls calling testing virgins crying

The video showed a naked man suspected of sexually assaulting an underage girl. The girl was crying and two other girls were standing beside him.

According to surging news, this mobile phone software called peach app does have the above video. The page shows that the video was released on May 9 this year for 31 minutes. There are also a lot of indecent videos on the software.

Video capture

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Men suspected of sexually assaulting junior high school girls were investigated jointly with the Ministry of Public Security (source: original)

Related reports:

Chen Fang (pseudonym), a relative of the girl, told Nanfang + that in addition to the 8-year-old girl, another 12-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted. They were sexually assaulted by Xu for three or four years, and no evidence has been taken.. Xus relatives said that Xu often played with two women, two men and four children in his neighbors house, and rape may be a prank..

On the evening of the 17th, Leizhou police reported that the suspect Xu Xiaoke (62 years old, a native of Jijia town) confessed to the fact that he committed rape and has been detained in accordance with the law.

Police report

Sexual assault photos are circulating on the Internet

Recently, two pictures of a man sexually assaulting a girl have spread on the Internet. In the photo, a 62 year old man, Xu, was naked and sexually assaulted a girl with his genitals exposed. On Saturday, September 5, the girls 11 year old brother filmed the scene and asked her family to call the police.

Sexual assault photos

According to Leizhou police, at about 5 am on the 6th, the police arrested Xu.

According to Chen Fang, in addition to the victims and photographers, there were also 12-year-old sister Yuanyuan (pseudonym) and 6-year-old brother. Four children from a family, living next door to the suspect, not long ago, a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by Xu

Sexual assault photos

Chen Fang said that there were eight people in the family of the girl who had been sexually assaulted. Her father worked outside and went out early and returned late every day. Her mother had some mental retardation and was at home all year round with six children.

Chen Fang and Xus family members said that usually, the four older children would play at the neighbors house, and Xu would give the children some food and a few yuan pocket money.

Chen Fang said that the children mentioned more than once that the 8-year-old girl and 12-year-old sister had been stripped of their clothes by Xu. It happened once every other time, two or three years ago..

Chen Fang said that her family had gone to judge Xu for many times, but had no result because Xu denied it. Chen Fang explained that there were only a few families near the two families, and most of the villagers lived on the other side of the village. Xus behavior had not been discovered and revealed by the villagers.

Chen Fang said relatives had reminded children to protect themselves from being undressed, but the children are not aware of the dangers.

The suspect is likely to be violent at ordinary times

According to Xus relatives, there are three people in Xus family. His wife doesnt have a mobile phone and cant understand Mandarin. His son has been unable to be contacted after the incident. On weekdays, Xu is in the village, but most of the time is working in the town.

In the description of Xus relatives, Xu has a general relationship with his family. He often gets together with four children in the neighborhood and disabled children in the village, eat, play cards and play.

According to Leizhou police, Xu, 62, a native of Jijia Town, confessed to the fact that he committed rape and has been detained in accordance with the law.

According to media reports, the local womens Federation in Leizhou has also intervened, and is now investigating the families of the two girls and carrying out assistance and psychological counseling.

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