This years thin sweaters all wear that? How foreign!

 This years thin sweaters all wear that? How foreign!

Todays shared look is especially suitable for female commuters in the workplace. It can reflect elegant temperament. Moreover, the selected piece is thin and moderate, which will not appear thin or bloated. In the cool season, it is perfect to wear it like this!

Thin sweater can bring warmth, but also can let you follow the fashion pace of the piece, I choose this thin sweater is small design, not too monotonous, very suitable for wearing alone.

I chose a simple and elegant color system for the overall color matching, which is white with pure white, fresh and simple, and also with a feel of light cooked women.

First of all, let me talk about the thin sweater I chose. It is unique in the design of the neckline. It adds two ribbons on the basic V-neck, which can tie a bow on the chest, which is very gentle.

Bow tie in the chest method is very suitable for small chest fairy, increase the chest three-dimensional feeling, let the upper body look more full, big chest fairy choose chest design simple V-neck.

The cuff design of this thin sweater is also very suitable for me. It is not a straight sleeve cuff, but it is folded up, so it looks neat and neat, and it wont be too casual.

I chose a pair of straight tube small white pants with a drooping feeling, which is very good for all kinds of leg types. With a pair of white canvas shoes, the whole match is more casual.

Bag I choose is crocodile texture underarm bag, decorative metal chain to increase the level of texture, such a match, break the concept of simplicity, let the daily collocation more chicstyle!

Do you like Liyas outfit? Recently, the weather has gradually turned cold, so fairies should pay attention to change into high thermal insulation