Zhong Chuxis beauty changing history is worth learning for girls!

 Zhong Chuxis beauty changing history is worth learning for girls!

The results showed that the cheekbones were high, and the lines of mandibular angle were square; the masseter muscles were developed, which aggravated the width of the lower part again; the flesh of the mandible edge was not compact enough, the fat accumulation was heavy, and the side face was simple and not exquisite enough;

With epicanthus, the wrapping feeling of the eye corner is heavy, which affects the fluency of the eye, and the fat on the upper eyelid is too much, which will make the eyes appear floating and strong; the performance point of nose is not clear enough, the overall nose shape is round, and the blunt feeling is relatively strong.

Instead of blindly pushing and cutting the bone, she chose to retain the bone phase of the upper part, focusing on the lower part of the adjustment, appropriately weakening the width of the mandible and improving the development of masseter muscle;

To remove sebum on the upper eyelid, the canthus should also be opened to reduce the redundant heaviness of the eyes; the nose tip has been extended and padded to increase the expressive force of the nose, and at the same time, the problem of the alar of the nose is weakened to a certain extent.

Although she has adjusted several places, her face still retains its recognizability. If she wants to improve her face by fine-tuning, you can refer to it. If you dont know how to adjust it, you can also do it. Let me help you to have a look!