Do you know these dressing techniques?

 Do you know these dressing techniques?

A direct and effective way is to ask people around you what style they think of your appearance.

You have to say that you feel like you have no special features. A large part of the reason is that there is more white space on the face. Jimei makes a lot of money, OK? The style is changeable and the plasticity is stronger.

Five eyes: divide the face into five equal parts according to the shape of one eye.

It is completely in line with the appearance of three courtyards and five eyes, giving people a sense of dignity and peace.

Take out my big head photo to show you, I belong to the upper court, the atrium are longer, the lower court is shorter.

Combined with a large number of senses, the overall feeling of mature atmosphere is not linked to the low sense of youth.

The eyes are almond shaped, and the radian of the corners and tail of the eyes are not round and feminine.

Contrary to the eyes, the lines of nose and lips are more touching, not delicate and compact.

It seems that the little princess is not very well dressed up. She smiles more like a big girl next door.

Figure analysis

Obviously, my shoulders are wider than my hips, and with a waist to hip ratio of nearly 1:1, I have a T-shaped or Y-shaped figure.

The advantages and disadvantages of the body can be seen at a glance, the overall symmetrical and slender, but the shoulder width does not have the waist line, the lower leg also looks like the national foot leg.

For such a figure, the upper body can choose more large neckline clothes to increase skin exposure and weaken shoulder width.

Because of the narrow crotch, I am more suitable for most pants, so I am also a proper pants control.

Wear a skirt to pay attention to some, first of all, skirt length to cover the stout calf, give priority to long > short.

At the same time, because there is no waistline, the A-shaped shape is more suitable for me than the straight tube type, which can virtually create the proportion.

See, the so-called how to wear all good-looking, in fact, lies in a very good understanding of their suitable items, a buy a accurate, will wear clothes without stepping on thunder.

Now that we have determined the route of mature womens style, we should pay special attention to some design elements when choosing suitable pieces.

For example, the same A-line skirt, one piece or pleated style is very consistent, if the cake skirt layer by layer, I will have to detour.

Another example is the same V-neck shirt, ear edge, lace, this design is far less than the minimalist design more suitable for me.

So the choice of simple design is one of the decisive factors for me to buy clothes.

The right color

Its suitable for all the pieces with clear style, but its often overturned?

Then you have to think about the color.

But speaking with conscience, the effect is not very great.

Its like Ive always felt that light colors with high lightness and low saturation are safe areas for my yellow and black skin.

Until a little cute said that he is also similar to the skin color, wearing this kind of color instead of dim and spiritless.

It seems that the only way to find the right color is to try one by one

To cheat you, its time to show the deep-seated 50 cents PS technology. I will generally explore the suitable color from three angles of hue, saturation and lightness.

On the contrary, if it is a bit of cold color, such as blue department, green department, it seems that the whole person is relatively clean.

In neutral color, the significant degree of brightening skin color is white > black > gray.

Relatively speaking, lighter color more foil my temperament, than black and white color, but will not dominate.

In the case of the same saturation, even if it is blue, different lightness from low to high will give people a different feeling. It can be seen that I am more suitable for high brightness, and the more dark color, the less energetic I am.

So, in this way, I basically determined the appropriate color library: blue, green and khaki with high brightness and low saturation.

Yellow and purple can also be worn, but it has to be well matched to make it stand out.

Combined with the above analysis, I can develop two styles of clothing around the mature big woman style.

The first set is intellectual commuting style. The H-shaped suit and dads trousers are very consistent with the straight line characteristics of my body.

In the second set, I want to be feminine, so I choose the French elegant route, exquisite but not vulgar.

A-line umbrella skirt, more dignified than short skirt, but also can modify the shortcomings of H-shaped body, kill two birds with one stone.

Comparison before and after reconstruction:

After watching, are you ready to move, want to be changed by the grain handle?