Prepare these 3 pairs of shoes in autumn to make you fashionable all autumn

 Prepare these 3 pairs of shoes in autumn to make you fashionable all autumn

High heeled shoes should be the best partner. Jimei, as I tweeted, knows: I only like stilettos with sharp points and shallow mouths. Because its simple and atmospheric in design, its invisible sexy after the upper foot. Since the key will not dominate, it is easy to highlight the original temperament of the person wearing it.

High heels with sharp head and shallow mouth can meet all kinds of occasions, whether it is for work, party or date.

2. Lace up Martin boots - Holy goods for private dress up

Martin boots are an easy fashion piece. I usually choose a 3-5cm medium and low heel, and the boot height is less than 15cm. At the weekend, you will be the real self after you take off the steady, elegant and intellectual of the workplace. Sweater + denim shorts with Martin boots is my personal favorite self dressing. Dont please people, dont think about the occasion. I feel comfortable and spicy enough.

LAN Yingying, who has been praised by the media as writing ambition on her face, is wearing more fashionable Martin boots. Jimei, whose figure is not good, must not be used for doctrine. She uses fluorescent green open navel short sweater, black blue jeans, and frosted leather Martin boots inlaid with small pearls on her feet, which makes the overall wearing more visual and fashionable.

Jinchens clothes are more suitable for the early days of ordinary people: gentle knitted cardigans and elegant half yarn skirts, which are gentle and warm. But on the foot actually wore a pair of pure white lace up Martin boots, the rough outline and the clothing gentle collision, let the elegant and the individuality coexist.

When Yang Mi took publicity photos for a fashion brand, he wore a pair of black motorcycle boots under his youthful and beautiful dress. There is no sense of disobedience in the visual sense. Fan is very fashionable.

So, Ive seen so many examples of stars. Lace up Martin boots are a must-have shoe that is fashionable and cant be worn wrong in the fall.

3. Dad shoes - versatile shoes with comfort, height and fashion

Ive always felt that Dads shoes are a combination of sneakers and high heels. It has the height of high-heeled shoes (dont take the height of hattiangao) and the comfort of sports shoes. Part time is perfect. Try to ask, which fashionable Jimei shoe cabinet does not have a pair of fathers shoes?

(self wearing 6.5cm high heel shoes of minority brands)

(MacQueen Classic)

(diamond shoes with leather and orange stitching worn by Ma Sichun)

Although the rate of dads shoes on the street is very high, how to put them into fashion is really a technical skill. Like big cousin Liu Wen, oversize jacket with 8-point straight jeans + Mai Kuns dad shoes. I think its very fashionable and pretty, but on us, it should be a passer-by. Because there is no big cousins temperament and height.

Its much better to change the lower part of the body into a skirt than a loose wide leg. If the upper suit is tied with a belt, ol fan will come out.

In fact, in my opinion, shoes really dont depend on the quantity. After all, we only have one foot, and we can only wear one pair of shoes at a time. Wearing a pair of shoes with multiple temperament is the kings way.